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This page is for those who are interested in my ECE497 class. Please add your name to the list by copying the blank line at the end and adding your information. Please leave a blank line at the end.

Adding your name here doesn't put you in the class. I want to talk to you first before adding to the official class list.

Name Major Year Have you had an OS class? Which one(s)? Have you had an embedded class? Which one(s)? Linux experience

0 = What's Linux

5 = Used it in OS

10 = Written Drivers

Open Source Experience
Mark A. Yoder ECE Faculty Yes Yes 9 Much
Matt Fuson ECE Junior No Yes (ECE230,ECE333) 4 Program Arduino in spare time.
Tom Atnip CS/SE Junior (Current) Yes (CSSE332) Yes (CSSE232) 7 Open Source Project W/ Last Internship
Kevin Geisler CS Junior Yes (CSSE332) Yes (CSSE232)(ECE 332) 6 Arduino Programming
Alex Drane CPE Junior(Current) Yes (CSSE332) Yes (ECE 331) 7 Cross-compiled Angstrom for the Arm AT91SAM9G10-EK
Josh Dugan CPE Junior (Current) Yes (CSSE 332) Yes (ECE 331, ECE 530) 5 No
Stephen Shinn CPE Junior (Current) Yes (CSSE 332) Yes (ECE 331) 6 Usage/modification of open-source server software
Andrew Miller CPE Senior Yes (CSSE 332) Yes (ECE 331) 7 No
James Popenhagen CPE Senior Yes (CSSE 332) Yes (ECE 331) 7 No