ECE597 Installing DSP Development Tools

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Here's what you need to do to program the DSP side of the BeagleBoard.

Install OMAP35x SDK

First install the OMAP35x Software Developers Kit. Do this by:

  • Go to here and scroll near the bottom to Linux Platform Support Package [PSP]. Below it you will see a link to OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-setuplinux- Click and download it.
  • Change to your download directory cd ~/Downloads.
  • Make the downloaded file executable, chmod 755 OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-setuplinux-
  • Run it, ./OMAP35x-PSP-SDK-setuplinux-

OMAP35x SDK Install.png

  • Click Yes

OMAP35x Setup.png

  • Click Next >
  • Accept the terms.

OMAP35c Location.png