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Description of Project

Sensory aware applications are becoming more mainstream with the release of the Apple iPhone. This project would combine both HW and SW to add sensory awareness to beagle. First, additional modules such as GPS, 3-axis accelerometers, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, etc, would be added to Beagle to compliment the microphone input in order to allow sensing of the real world environment. Then software APIs would need to be layered on top to allow easy access to the sensory data for use by applications.

Team Members

Qiang Jiang

Adam Jesionowski


Week 3: Get accelerometer
Week 4: Hook up sensor to the I2C; See what Beagleboard does automatically with I2C.
Week 5: Learn how ARM I2C C functions work; Start coding.
Week 6: Finish coding.
Week 7: Do documentation.
Week 8: If we are on time, start working on another I2C sensor.
Week 9/10: Padding time.


• Read data from I2C line.
• Call our library from another C program.
• Create clear documentation.