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  git pull --rebase
  git pull --rebase
| In u-boot, what is '''boot.src'''?  What can I do with it?
| In u-boot, what is '''boot.scr'''?  What can I do with it?
| Mark A. Yoder/
| Mark A. Yoder/

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I'm seeking answers for these questions.

Question Asker/Answerer Answer
What is ELF? Mark A. Yoder/Chris Routh ECE597 Executable and Linkable Format (ELF)
Where does the x11vnc get started?

I don't see it in the /etc/init.d folder.

Mark A. Yoder/Cody Collins It looks like it is being started by X. If you look in /etc/X11/Xinit.d/ there is a file named 02vnc, which contains the following code:
x11vnc  -q -bg -display :0 -forever -avahi
A new demo image has been posted. How do I get it into my ~/oe/Angstrom-dev area so I can work on it? Mark A. Yoder/Brian Embry The demo image is simply a precompiled one built from the OE git repo. Simply update your git repo, you may need to remove your ~/oe/angstrom-dev dir to force a rebuild of everything
git-reset --hard #This may or may not be needed if you have local changes they will ALL be lost
git pull --rebase
In u-boot, what is boot.scr? What can I do with it? Mark A. Yoder/
Where is ldd that runs native on the Beagle? Mark A. Yoder/
How do I run/configure the busybox httpd? Mark A. Yoder/