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Here are instructions on how to set up your host computer and BeagleBoard.

Setting up Linux on your host computer

Tools.svg Give to the community: Networking via Bridged
I've been able to get networking via NAT working, but I don't know how to network via Bridged.
Tools.svg Give to the community: VMware Workstation
I need instructions on installing using VMware workstation. Rose students can also get VMware Workstation for free, but they often run out of keys. Do this:
  1. go to Angel
  2. Login
  3. In the middle column click on ROSEportal.
  4. Click on the VMware Global Education on the top right.

VirtualBox supports hardware virtualization, so ensure it is enabled in your BIOS (most BIOS have it disabled by default). It is probably best to enable this before going any further. With this enabled, it is possible to allocate more then 1 cpu core to vbox. If you have a dual core laptop, this will cause your compiles to be much faster.

VBox WinXP Ubuntu Install Guide

Official Ubuntu VBox Guide

How to install VBox Tools in Ubuntu

Tools.svg Give to the community: Other Linux distros
You are welcome to use Linux distributions other Ubuntu. If you do so, I may not be able to help you. Please document what you have to do differently when using your distro so others will benefit.

Setting up your BeagleBoard

Useful Windows Apps

Things I'm working on

Links I'm working on

Getting Started Hints

Here are some useful links of getting things going.

--Prof. Yoder 15:26, 4 March 2010 (UTC)