ECE597 Software Setup

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Here are instructions on how to set up your host computer and BeagleBoard.

Setting up Linux on your host computer

  1. ECE597: Installing Ubuntu in VMware Player
Tools.svg Give to the community: VMware Workstation
I need instructions on installing using VMware workstation. Rose students can also get VMware Workstation for free, but they often run out of keys. Do this:
  1. go to [[1]]
  2. Login
  3. In the middle column click on ROSEportal.
  4. Click on the VMware Global Education on the top right.
Tools.svg Give to the community: Virtual Box
Many are using Virtual Box[[2]]. I need instructions on how to install and use it.

Setting up your BeagleBoard

ECE597: Getting your Beagle running

Things I'm working on

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Getting Started Hints

Here are some useful links of getting things going.

  • Linux Hints for Beagle[[3]], hints on handling video and USB devices.
  • Precompiled Angstrom Distribution[[4]], this is a good starting place to get Linux running on your Beagle. It's all pre-compiled and ready to run. The instructions below will point you to here.

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