ELC 2007 Presentations

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Session Description Person Presentation
Keynote: Embedded Linux - An Increasing Nightmare? Thomas Gleixner celf-2007-keynote.pdf, Also see the LWN.net writeup and comments
Keynote: The State of the Linux Kernel Jonathan Corbet corbet-kernel.pdf or [[1]]
X (Not On The Desktop) Matthew Allum http://folks.o-hand.com/mallum/presentations/x-not-on-the-desktop/slide-00.html
The use of JTAG in Linux Bring-up Mike Anderson JTAG-Anderson.pdf
Kernel Probes for ARM Quentin Barnes


Kernel Probes for MIPS, ARM and PPC32 Tim Bird Kernel_Probes_for_MIPS_ARM_and_PPC32-ELC2007.pdf
How to Participate in the Kernel Development Process Jonathan Corbet corbet-dev-process.pdf or [[2]]
!TimeDoctor – Use the Strength of Eclipse to Visualize (Multi)Processor Execution Behavior Ruud Derwig TimeDoctor_ELC_20070417.pdf
Audio, Video and Graphics BOF Ruud Derwig .
Benchmarking of Dynamic Power Management Solutions Frank Dols Benchmarking-of-Dynamic-Power-Management-Solutions.pdf
SPlit Application architeCturE Bas Engel .
The Current Status of Timers and Realtime Support in the Kernel Thomas Gleixner [[3]]
Power Management Techniques, Policies, and Problems for Embedded Linux Mark Gross CELF_ELC2007_mgross_PM_slide_set.pdf
Power Management BOF Mark Gross .
TOMOYO Linux - A Lightweight and Manageable Security System for PC and Embedded Linux ToshiharuHarada, Tetsuo Handa [[4]] or [[5]] (should work with most PDF readers)
How DirectFB Adopted Market Specific Requirements Takanari Hayama celf2007_directfb.pdf
Current State of Bluetooth Support in Linux Marcel Holtman [[6]]
System size BOF Jared Hulbert .
Realtime BOF - Realtime Preempt Patch Adaptation Experience (including Commercial Product) !YungJoon Jung RT-BoF-2007-04-17.pdf
!FancyPants – An Advanced 2D Graphics System for CE Linux Robi Karp fst-fancypants-celf2007.pdf - More information at: http://www.fancypants-graphics.com/
Bootup Technologies BOF Elias Kesh BTWG-Discussion-Plenary2007.pdf
!OpenEmbedded - Easy QA, Repeatability and Retargeting Koen Kooi Koen-ELC2007.pdf
Prelinker Usage for MIPS Cores Arvind Kumar, Kazu Hirata, Shinichi Tsurumoto Evaluation_of_MIPS_Prelinking.pdf
How To Protect Your Intellectual Property While Using Open Source Shawn Kwon CELF-ELC07-OSS.pdf
Applying User-level Drivers on DTV System Gunho Lee UDD_on_DTV_ELC2007.pdf
Analysis of Interrupt Entry Latency in Linux 2.4 vs 2.6 !SangBae Lee CELF_ELC_Interrupt_Latency_2.4_vs_2.6.pdf
A Generic Parameter Layer for Linux Power Management Matt Locke mlocke-elc2007-pm.ppt.pdf
SPE-assisted User Level Device Driver on Cell Processor Hiroyuki Machida 20070419-Cell-Cloop-e.pdf
System-wide Memory Profiling Matt Mackall [[7]]
[Linux] – Tutorial Kei Masumoto, Kentaro Takeda elc2007-tutorial-20070418.pdf
Porting and Evaluating the Linux Realtime Preemption on Embedded Platform Katsuya Matsubara preempt070418celfelc.pdf preempt070418celfelc.odp
Kernel Debugging with GDB Nicholas !McGuire .
Kernel Validation Tools Nicholas !McGuire tools_slides.pdf
GDB Tracepoints for GNU/Linux User and Kernel Space Nicholas !McGuire .
Telepathy: Real-time Communications Framework Robert !McQueen telepathy-elc2007.pdf
Comparison of Secure OSes and embedded SELinux activity in Japan Yuichi Nakamura SecureOS_nakamura.pdf
Suspend-to-RAM implementation on freescale 74xx without PMU Fujihito Numano Suspend-to-RAMImplementationOnFreescale74xxWithoutPMU-070418.pdf
Mobile Convergence Computing Handset Supporting Ubiquitous Concept Tae Joon Park Mobile_Convergence_Communicator_ELC2007.pdf
OpenKODE - The Khronos Open Development Environment Ed Plowman .
CELF in the Mobile Phone Space Scott Preece CelfInMobilePhoneSpace.pdf
Mobile Phone BOF Scott Preece N/A
Experiment with Linux and ARM Thumb-2 ISA Philippe Robin Experiment_with_Linux_and_ARM_Thumb-2_ISA.pdf
File System Survey, Focus on Embedded Linux Gene Sally filesystems-for-embedded-linux.pdf
Fitting Linux on Resource Constrained Targets Gene Sally linux-on-space-constrained-systems.pdf
Gstreamer Tutorial Jan Schmidt celinux-gst-tutorial.pdf gst-code-samples.tar.gz
HTTP-FUSE PS3 Linux which is internet boot framework with kboot Toshiki Yagi elc07_yagi.pdf
uClinux -- State of the Nation Greg Ungerer uclinux-sotn.pdf
The OpenMAX Integration Layer standard Giulio Urlini The_OpenMAX_Integration_Layer_standard.pdf
The CEA 2014 Standard. A New XHTML-Based Browser and Setup Framework for Digital Home Devices Mark R. Walker CEA_2014_Overview.pwz
An Annoucement from the GNOME Foundation Jeff Waugh See the LWN.net writup at http://lwn.net/Articles/231123/
Deferred Dynamic Loading --- A Memory Reduction Technique Tetsuji Yamamoto DefferdDynamicLoading_20070417.pdf
Management of Software Suspend Image Haitao Zhang .