ELC 2009 Presentations

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Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Kate Alhola Maemo 5 (Fremantle), mobile Linux platform with cellular connectivity PDF
Kate Alhola Animated UI technologies in Maemo 5 (Fremantle), mobile Linux environment PDF See also [blog entry for ELC]
Mike Anderson (presented by Reece Pollack) User-Space, Multi-core Development Issues PDF
Mike Anderson (presented by Reece Pollack) What are Interrupt Threads and How Do They Work? PDF
Jeff Arnold Ksplice: Rebootless kernel updates PDF
Eric Cloninger Building an Embedded Tools Standard Using Eclipse PDF
Magnus Damm Runtime Power Management on SuperH Mobile PDF
David Daney Some new tricks for better performance in MIPS-Linux PDF
Mathieu Desnoyers Deploying LTTng on Exotic Embedded Architectures PDF Paper (PDF)
Anna Dushistova, Alexandre Rusev and John Mehaffey Debugging with JTAG PDF
Jake Edge Security issues for embedded devices PDF [[1]]
Klaas van Gend Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake PDF
Toru Homma Evaluation of Flash File Systems for Large NAND Flash Memory PDF
Edgar E. Iglesias Debugging and profiling embedded Linux/CRIS systems with QEMU PDF
Jaehoon Jeong Dynamic Instrumentation of user-space application based on kprobe PDF
Bhagyashri Hemant Katole Embedding Network Devices with Linux (session was cancelled)
Dongsoo Kim, HeungJun Kim Framework for digital camera in Linux PPT
Denis Oliver Kropp DirectFB II (session was cancelled)
Grant Likely It's Alive! - Linux on Embedded PowerPC porting guide PDF
Grant Likely Tux Meets Radar O'Reilly - Linux in Military Telecom Paper PDF
Bruno Cardoso Lopes Understanding and writing an LLVM Compiler Backend PDF
Matt Mackall Visualizing Process Memory PDF // In case color mapping error observed, try this filePDF
Dan Malek Memory...The Most Precious Resource PDF
David Mandala Ubuntu ARM Distribution Ubuntu ARM
William Marone Distributed Cross Platform Test Automation PDF
Paul Mundt Superpages Revisited: Transparent Application of Large TLBs on Embedded Systems PPT
Michael Opdenacker Update on filesystems for flash storage PDF
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon Cooperative Development Inside Communities PDF
Conrad Parker A Linux multimedia framework for SH-Mobile processors PDF article PDF
Rodolph Perfetta The Web in your Hand - Optimizing Browsing Experience with ARM Embedded Linux Devices PDF
Thomas Petazzoni Building Embedded Linux Systems with Buildroot PDF
Matthew Porter Video4Linux: What about Output? PDF
Andre Puschmann Quantitative analysis of system initialization in embedded Linux systems PDF
Jim Ready Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan: Avoiding Common Linux Development Stumbling Blocks .
Frank Rowand Musings on analysis of measurements of a real-time workload. PDF
Leandro Melo de Sales BRisa UPnP Framework for Embedded Systems PDF
Christian F.K. Schaller Basic video editing on embedded devices using GStreamer PDF PPT
Madhvesh Sulibhavi (presented by Tim Bird) KProbes and Systemtap Status PDF
John Williams Embedded Linux on FPGAs for fun and profit PDF