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Presentations from ELC 2017 (LF conference archive).

The Linux Foundation has a video playlist for this event on YouTube.

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Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 9:00am
Full Day Course: Building A Low Powered Smart Appliance Workshop (Pre-registration Required) Michael Schloh von Bennewitz PDF1, PDF2

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 9:00am
Keynote: Welcome and Opening Remarks Tim Bird, ELC Program Chair Youtube
Day 2, 9:15am
Keynote:Dirk Hohndel in Conversation with Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Dirk Hohndel and Linux Torvalds, VP, Chief Open Source Officer, VMWare Youtube
Day 2, 9:45am
Keynote: Imad Sousou Imad Sousou, Vice Presidnet of the Software and Services Group, Intel Corporation PDF
Day 2, 10:30am
Drinking From the CVE Firehouse: Or How To Ensure Your Open Source Product Survives the Onslaught of Publicly Known Security Vulnerabilities Ryan Ware, Intel Corporation PDF Youtube
Making an Amazon Echo Compatible Linux System Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF Youtube
The Aftermath of a Fuzz Run: What to do about those Crashes? David Moore, FuzzStation PDF Youtube
Using Linux as Long Term Working with the Community Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC PDF Youtube
Attribute Based Access Control Framework for IoT Jayson DeLancey, GE Digital Youtube
Bluetooth 5 is Here Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Youtube
Device Tree in Zephyr Andy Gross, Linaro Youtube
Day 2, 11:30am
Effectively Measure and Reduce Kernel Latencies for Real-time Contraints Jim Huang, South Star Xelerator (SSX) PDF Youtube
Embedded Linux Size Reduction Techniques Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons PDF Youtube
First Experiences with the Embedded Debian Build System Isar Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG PDF Youtube
Can You Create a Secure IoT Platform Using a Common Linux Distro? Peter Robinson, Red Hat Youtube
NimBLE - A High-Performance and Highly Configurable Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 Stack James Pace, Runtime Youtube
The Zephyr Project: Reflection on the FIrst Year and Plans for the Next Year Anas Nashif, Intel Youtube
Industrial I/O and You: Nonsense Hack! Matt Ranostay, Konsulko Group PDF Youtube
Day 2, 2:00pm
Easier Yocto Upgrades in the Development Environment Michael Brown, Dell EMC PDF Youtube
Enabling New Hardware in U-Boot Jon Mason, Broadcom Ltd. PDF Youtube
Forward Porting Google Nexus 5X/6P - Lessons from the Trenches and What's Next Jeremy McNicoll, Red Hat PDF Youtube
Linux Cryptographic Acceleration on an i.MX6 Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics, Inc. PDF Youtube
Creating Bluetooth-based IoT Solutions with Zephyr Johan Hedberg, Open Source Technology Center, Intel PDF Youtube
Implementing Network Protocols in Zephyr Flavio Santes, Intel Youtube
Day 2, 3:00pm
Beagle BoF Drew Fustini, Beagleboard.org Foundation PDF Youtube
Debugging Usually Slightly Broken (USB) Devices and Drivers Krzysztof Opasiak, Samsung R&D Institute Poland PDF Youtube
From Zero to First Test in Your Own LAVA Laboratory in less than 45 minutes Pawel Wieczorek, Samsung R&D Institute Poland PDF YouTube
SCHED_DEADLINE: It's Alive! Juri Lelli, ARM Ltd. PDF Youtube
Moving from IoT to IIoT with Maker Boards, Linux, and Open-source SOftware Tools Matt newton, Opto 22 Youtube
Scripting Languages in IoT:Challenges and Approaches Paul Sokolovsky, Linaro PDF Youtube
Zephyr on Beetle Vincenzo Frascisno, ARM Ltd. Youtube
Day 2, 4:20pm
Exporting Virtual Memory as dmabuf Nikhil Devshatwar, Texas Instruments PDF Youtube
State of the U-Boot Thomas Rini, Konsulko Group PDF Youtube
What Small Teams Should Know when Building Embedded Linux Systems Gregory Fong, Virgin Galactic PDF Youtube
IoT Lockdown - Battling Bot Net Builders Adam Emglander, iovation Youtube
Prototyping New Ideas with ESP32 and Azure Ivan R. Judson, Microsoft Youtube
SDK in the Browser for Zephyr Sakari Poussa, Intel Youtube
Tutorial:Building the Simplest Possible Linux System Rob Landley, se-instruments.com Youtube
Day 2, 5:20pm
Building Mixed Criticality Linux Systems with the Jailhouse Hypervisor Ralf Ramsauer, Technical University of Applied Sciences Regegnsburg PDF Youtube
Securing Embedded Linux Systems with TPM 2.0 Philip Tricca, Intel PDF Youtube
Using Devtool to Streamline Your Yocto Project Workflow Tim Orling, Intel Open Source Technology Center PDF Youtube
Fun with Zephyr and BBC micro:bit Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Youtube
Making Tweet Monkey Jeremy Foster, Microsoft Youtube
Optimizing C for Microcontrollers Khem Raj, Comcast RDK PDF Youtube
Day 2, 6:15pm
Device Tree BoF Frank Rowand, Sony PDF
Key Terms to Understand OSS Communities BoF Hiroki Fukuchi, Sony PDF
Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded BoF Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics
Zephyr Project BoF Sara Sarmiento, Intel

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 9:00am
Keynote Guy Hoffman, Mills Family Faculty Fellow & Assistant Professor, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell Unversity
Day 3, 9:25am
Keynote Sarah Cooper, GM of IoT Solutions, Amazon Web Services
Day 3, 10:30am
Code Review Training for Kernel Patch Reviewers Mark Gross, Intel/OTC PDF Youtube
Contributing to Automotive Grade Linux and GENIVI Development Platform Lean Anavi PDF Youtube
Educational Robotics Critical for the Future of Linux Jason Kridner, Texas Instruments PDF Youtube
Power Management Integrated Circuits: Keep the Power in Your Hands Quentin Schulz, Free Electrons PDF Youtube
Genivi and IoTivity Support: Where We Are and Where We Need to Go Nivedita Singhvi, urban.systems
Journey to an Intelligent Industrial IOT Network Giuseppe (Pino) de Candia, Midokura Youtube
Securing the Connected Car Eystein Stenberg, Mender.io PDF Youtube
Day 3, 11:30am
A Journey through Upstream Atomic KMS to Achieve DP Compliance Manasi Navare, Intel Youtube
Cross Platform Enablement for the Yocto Project with Containers Randy Witt, Intel PDF Youtube
Google Summer of Code and Beagleboard.org Drew Fustini, Beagleboard.org Foundation PDF Youtube
SLTS Kernel and Base-Layer Development in the Civil Infrastructure Platform Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba & Urs Gleim, Siements AG PDF Youtube
How Developers Can Prepare for IoT Standards Jeff Maynard, Cloud Technology Partners Youtube
Scaling IoTivity to Industrial IoT Thiago Maciera, Intel
SecurityPI: IronClad you Raspberry Pi Rabimba Karanjai Youtube
Day 3, 2:00pm
Road Towards Industrial IoTivity Caio Oliveira, Intel Youtube
Timekeeping in the Linux Kernel Stephen Boyd, Qualcomm Innovation Center PDF Youtube
Using a Lidar for Robot Navigation in a Room Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. PDF Youtube
Using the Yocto Autobuilder for Build and Release Management Jate Sujjavanavich, Syntech Systems PDF Youtube
IoTivity-Constrained: IoT for Tiny Devices Kishen Maloor, Intel Corporation Youtube
Surviving in the Wilderness: Integrity Protection and System Update Patrick Ohly, Intel GmbH PDF Youtube
Day 3, 3:00pm
Mesa 3D in an Embedded Context Mark Janes, Intel PDF Youtube
Testing with Volcanoes - Fuego+LAVA Going Distributed Jan-Simon Moeller, The Linux Foundation PDF Youtube
The Reproducible Build Zoo Vagrant Cascadian, Aikidev, LLV PDF Youtube
Yocto Project Extensible SDK:Simplifying Workflow for Application Developers Henry Bruce, Intel PDF Youtube
Apache Mynewt Bootloader for Reliable and Secure Firmware Upgrades James Pace, Runtime Youtube
RIOT:The Friendly Operating System for the IoT (If Linux Won't Work, Try RIOT) Thomas Eichinger, Koolzone Tracking Systems Youtube
Day 3, 4:20pm
Adding Inter-event Capabilities to Linux Kernel Trace Events Tom Zanussi, Intel PDF Youtube
Dynamic Tracing Tools on ARM/AArch64 Platform:Updates and Challenges Hiroyuki Ishii, Panasonic Corporation PDF Youtube
Groking the Linux SPI Subsystem Matt Porter, Konsulko PDF Youtube
What Can Vulkan do for You? Jason Ekstrand, Intel PDF Youtube
Are Device Response Times a Neglected Risk of IoT? Balwinder Kaur, AppDynamics Youtube
Firmware Management for MCUs: The Quark Bootloader Approach Daniele Alessandrelli, Intel Youtube
Graphs + Sensors = The Internet of Connected Things William Lyon, Neoj4 Youtube

Day 4 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 4, 09:00am
2017 is the Year of the Linux Video Codec Drivers Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board PDF Youtube
SPDX Generation via Yocto and the New LID code License Scanner Mark Charlebois, Qualcomm Technologies Youtube
V4L2 & CEC Status Report Hans Verkuil, Cisco Systems Norway PDF Youtube
Deep Dive: Android Things Peripheral IO Manager Sanrio Alvares, Intel Youtube
War Story: Using Zephyr to Develop a Wearable Device Fabien Parent, BayLibre Youtube
Day 4, 10:00am
About the Need to Power Instrument the Linux Kernel Patrick Titiano, BayLibre PDF Youtube
ASOC Topology Framework Vinod Koul, Intel PDF Youtube
Appropriate Use of OSS - The Key Persons are Software Engineers Satoru Ueda, Sony Corp. PDF Youtube
Real-Time Linux on Embedded Multicore Processors Andreas Ehmanns, Technical Advidor PDF Youtube
How IoT Will Destroy Us All Bryan Lunduke, Network World/SUSE Youtube
SPanning the IoT Developer Chasm Kris Borchers, JS Foundation Youtube
Voice-controlled Home Automation from Scratch Using IBM Watson, Docker, IFTTT, and Serverless Kalonji Bankole & Prashant Khanal, IBM Youtube
Day 4, 11:10am
Embedded Linux - Then and Now at iRobot Patrick Doyle, iRoboty PDF Youtube
Securing the Connected Car with RVI Tatiana Jamison, Jaguar Land Rover PDF Youtube
Using SWUdate to Upgrade your System Gabriel Huau, Witekio PDF Youtube
Improving the Bootup Speed of AOSP Bernhard Rosenkranzer, Linaro PDF Youtube
Android Things: High Level Introduction Anisha Dattatraya & Geeta Krishna, Intel Corporation Youtube
Open Software Updates for IoT Phil Wise, ATS Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH Youtube
Room Detective: A Real-Time Meeting Room Occupancy Monitor Garth Henson, The Walt Disney Company
Day 4, 12:10pm
BoF: Fuego Status and Roadmap Tim Bird, Sony PDF YouTube
Enlightenment Foundation Libraries - Case Studies of Optimizing for Wearable Devices Cedric Bail, Samsung Open Source Group PDF Youtube
Mainline Linux on AmLogic SoCs Neil Armstrong, BayLibre PDF Youtube
Android Things Karim Yaghmour, Opersys Inc. PDF Youtube
Enabling the Management of Constrained Devices Using the OIC Framework James Pace, Runtime Youtube
Day 4, 2:30pm
How We Added Software Updates to AGL Phil Wise, ATS Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH PDF Youtube
Linux You Can Drive My Car Walt Miner, Linux Foundation PDF Youtube
OpenWrt/LEDE: When Two Become One Florian Fainelli, Broadcom Ltd. PDF Youtube
Rust: Removing the Sharp Edges from Systems Programming Jonathan Creekmore, Star Lab PDF Youtube
Building and OPen Source Streaming Analytics Stack with Kafka and Druid Fangjin Yang Youtube
Day 4, 3:30pm
Developing a New WiFi Daemon for Linux Marcel Holtmann, Open Source Technology Center, Intel Youtube
GCC/Clang Optimizations for Embedded Linux Khem Raj, Comcast RDK PDF Youtube
Marrying U-Boot, uEFI and grub2 Alexander Graf, SUSE PDF Youtube
Unifying Android and Mainline Kernel Graphics Stack Gustavo Padovan, Collabora Ltd. PDF Youtube
Building Multi-protocol IoT Nodes with Thread, BLE and ZigBee Alan Lazar, NXP Youtube
Comparing Messaging Techniques for the IoT Michael E Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc. Youtube
Day 4, 4:20pm
Developing Audio Products with Cortex-M3/NuttX/C++11 Masayuki Ishikawa, Sony PDF Youtube
Extracting Analytics from Complex OpenEmbedded Builds David Reyna, Wind River Systems PDF Youtube
Smart DeviceLink: Lessons Learned from Porting an Open Source Connectivity Framework to AGL Bruno Grasset, Elektrobit
Xen and the Art of Embedded Systems Virtualization Stefano Stabellini, Aporeto Youtube

Technical Showcase Posters

Poster Title Presenter Poster
Automotive Grade Linux Walt Miner, Jan-Simon Moeller - Linux Foundation PDF
BeagleBoard.org BeagleBone Blue preview Jason Kridner - BeagleBoard.org PDF
BeagleBoard.org BeagleBoard-X15 Jason Kridner - BeagleBoard.org PDF
ev3dev: Debian Linux on LEGO(R) MINDSTORMS EV3 David Lechner - ev3dev.org PDF
Fast ELF loading and adb support on NuttX Masayuki Ishikawa - Sony Video & Sound Products Inc. PDF
Mainline Linux on 64-bit ARM Amlogic SoCs Neil Armstrong - BayLibre PDF
Over-the-air software update: embedded Linux Marcin Pasinski - Mender.io PDF
Terragraph Davide Cavalca - Facebook Connectivity Lab PDF
TPM and Measured Launch for OE Linux & Xen Doug Goldstein - Star Lab; Rich Persaud, Daniel Smith, Phil Tricca - OpenXT.org PDF
Warpx - Open Source Wearable/IoT Embedded Platform Aaron Moore, Nicola La Gloria - warpx.io PDF