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(Day 3 Presentations)
(Day 3 Presentations)
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| Upstreaming a Qualcomm SoC
| Upstreaming a Qualcomm SoC
| Vinod Koul, Linaro
| Vinod Koul, Linaro
| [[Media:Qualcomm Upstreaming ELCNA20_v2.pdf | PDF]]

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Presentations from ELC Schedule.

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Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 9:30am
CIP Kernel Team Activities to Accomplish Super Long Term Support Masashi Kudo, Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd. & SZ Lin, Moxa Inc.
Invest in Mainline Linux: Choose Your Own Adventure Dexter Travis, Precision Planting
Day 1, 10:30pm
Technical Overview of the Trusted Firmware: A Class Open Source Project Sandrine Bailleux & Joanna Farley, Arm
Yocto Project LTS Releases Nicolas Dechesne, Linaro & David Reyna, Wind River PDF
Day 1, 11:30pm
Image Signal Processing (ISP) Drivers & How to Merge One Upstream Helen Koike, Collabora PDF
Linux GPIO: Evolution and Current State of the User API Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre PDF
Tutorial: Introduction to the Embedded Boot Loader U-boot Behan Webster, Converse in Code PDF
Day 1, 12:30pm
Opkg: Debian's Little Cousin Alejandro del Castillo, National Instruments
PipeWire: The New Multimedia Service, Now Ready for Automotive Julian Bouzas, Collabora PDF
Day 1, 2:05pm
ASoC: Supporting Audio on an Embedded Board Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin PDF
BoF: The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Philip Balister, Consultant OpenSDR & Nicolas Dechesne, Linaro PDF
Day 1, 3:20pm
Inside the Linux Security Modules (LSM) Vandana Salve, Prasme Systems
Toolchains in the New Era and How to Update Safely Victor Rodriguez, Intel PDF
Tutorial: Debugging Embedded Devices Using GDB - A Review of Some Lessons Learned Mike Anderson, The Aerospace Company PDF PPTX
Day 1, 4:20pm
BoF: Automotive Grade Linux Developer Community Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation
BoF: Open Hardware and RISC-V Drew Fustini, BeagleBoard.org Foundation & Stephano Cetola, The Linux Foundation

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 9:30am
A Disciplined Approach to Debugging Lev Iserovich, D. E. Shaw Research
Secure Boot and Over-the-Air Updates - That's Simple, No? Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG
Tutorial: Device Tree (DTS), Linux Board Bring-up and Kernel Version Changing Schuyler Patton, Texas Instruments
Day 2, 10:30am
Building Bare Metal Toolchains, Crosstool-ng and Yocto Project Mark Hatle, Xilinx
War Story: Using Mainline Linux for an Android TV BSP Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS
Day 2, 11:25am
Kernel Coding the Upstream Way Tim Bird, Sony
Linux Stateless Video Decoder Support Nicolas Dufresne, Collabora
Tutorial: Introduction to I2C and SPI: Both In-kernel and In-userspace Michael Welling, QWERTY Embedded Design, LLC PPTX
Day 2, 12:25am
Ideas for Finer-grained Control over your Heat Budget Amit Kucheria & Daniel Lezcano, Linaro PDF
Linux on Open Source Hardware with RISC-V Drew Fustini, BeagleBoard.org Foundation PDF
Day 2, 2:00pm
DMA-BUF Heaps: Linux User-space Device Buffer Allocation and its Uses Andrew Davis, Texas Instruments
Finding Sources of Latency on your Linux System Steven Rostedt, VMware
Robot Operating System (ROS) 2 - How Open Source Software and Linux is Powering the Next Generation of Robotics Katherine Scott, Open Robotics
Day 2, 3:15pm
Developing, Building and Testing Your Baremetal Applications Using The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Infrastructure Alejandro Hernandez Samaniego, Microsoft PDF
Introduction to Embedded Linux Security Sergio Prado, Embedded Labworks
Tutorial: Spelunking for Hardware Data Matt Porter, Konsulko Group PDF
Day 2, 4:15pm
There Is No Store for Self-Driving Car Parts: Running The Ultimate Battery-Powered Device with Linux Stephen Segal & Matt Fornero, Cruise PDF
Using MIPI DSI as Main Display Interface Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 11:15am
Automotive Grade Linux on Raspberry Pi: How Does It Work? Leon Anavi, Konsulko Group PDF
Buildroot: What's New? Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin
Reproducible Builds and Hash Equivalence in the Yocto Project Joshua Watt, Garmin PDF
Day 3, 12:15pm
Go RISC-V Go: The State of Software Development Tools for RISC-V Khem Raj, Comcast
The Bad Guys Just Broke My Crypto - What Do I Do? Kris Chaplin, Intel UK
Upstreaming a Qualcomm SoC Vinod Koul, Linaro PDF
Day 3, 1:50pm
librtpi: Conditional Variables for Real-Time Applications Gratian Crisan, National Instruments
Linux Kernel: Stop Over-Cooling! Thara Gopinath, Linaro Inc. & Ram Chandrasekar, Qualcomm Innovation Center Inc.
The OpenAMP Project & its Working Groups: Standardizing the Interactions Between Operating Environments in a Heterogeneous Embedded System Nathalie C. Chan King Choy & Stefano Stabellini, Xilinx
Day 3, 3:05pm
KernelCI: How Patches Grow Up and Go to School Khouloud Touil & Kevin Hilman, Baylibre
Safety, Security, Quality: Artificial Intelligence versus Common Sense Wolfgang Mauerer, Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg / Siemens AG
Day 3, 4:05pm
Embedded Linux Conference Annual Closing Game Tim Bird