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| Keynote: A timeline for embedded Linux
| Keynote: A timeline for embedded Linux
| [[Media:csimmonds-embedded-linux-timeline-2013.pdf|PDF]]
| [[Media:csimmonds-embedded-linux-timeline-2013.pdf|PDF]]
| Michael Chirstofferson
| A Portable Clock Cycle Based Performance Measurement System
| [[PDF]]
| Thomas Petazzoni
| Thomas Petazzoni

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Presenters, Demo-ers, Participants: Thanks very much for your participation in Linux Foundation's Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2013.

This page is for collecting the presentations that were made at the conference. During and after the conference we will collect materials from the presenters and place them here. Please watch this page if you are interested in a particular presentation - and if it doesn't show up, please send me and email and we'll try to track it down.


We'll post a link to the videos when they are available.


Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page. (See Instructions below the tables)

Table of Presentations

Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Day 1 (24th Oct. 2013)
Chris Simmonds Keynote: A timeline for embedded Linux PDF
Michael Chirstofferson A Portable Clock Cycle Based Performance Measurement System PDF
Thomas Petazzoni Device Tree for Dummies PDF
Gregory Clement Common Clock Framework how to use it PDF
Tim Bird Status of Embedded Linux (October 2013) PDF
Matt Ranostay Sigrok: Using Logic to Debug Logic PDF
Hisao Munakata LTSI: Long Term Stable Kernel and it's Testing PDF
Mischa Jonker Fighting latency: How to optimize your system using perf PDF
Day 2 (25th Oct. 2013)
Yoshitake Kobayashi An Essential Relationship between Real-time and Resource Partitioning PDF
Frank Rowand Using and Understanding the Real-Time Cyclictest Benchmark PDF
Peter Korsgaard Buildroot: What is new PDF
Lucas Stach Next-Generation DMABUF : How To Efficiently Play Back Video on Embedded Systems PDF
Sascha Hauer Barebox and Bootloader Specification PDF

Instructions for Presenters

Please create a link in the table for your presentation, copying the style of other links. (You may need to create an account in order to edit the wiki or upload files.)

When you have created the link, click on it to upload the file containing your slides.