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This is the eLinux issues page. This is a raw list of items that need to be worked on for this wiki, based on feedback from various sources.

Here is a list of issues to fix on the eLinux wiki:

Mass fix-up of insecure git repo URLs

The Wiki contains hundreds of URLs of git repos prefixed with git:// or http:// where the host has a perfectly good https:// certificate. Each time someone clones such a repo from a copy and pasted link, that's an opportunity for a MitM attack.

But thanks to centralized git hosting, it would be feasible to instantly fix most of these with a single regex search and replace across the entire Wiki:

(git|http)://(github\.com|gitorious\.org|git\.kernel\.org)/ -> https://\2/

And MediaWiki is able do that using the Replace Text extension: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Replace_Text


  • Regarding the messy and loose structure you have you should really start thinking about Namespacing your content, i.e. by vendor or architecture. --Phoque

missing pages (top list)

  • missing Project:Copyrights from link in statement on edit form

content fixes

Have, but maybe need simple list of items to fix (maybe this page is it)

    • something someone can fix with 10 minutes or less time
      • one possible suggestion, global page review - review a page, take it off the list

content building

  • need to create a list of authored content
  • need a template for professional papers
  • need recent periodical content
  • monthly feature is empty
  • Do we want pages listing all kind of products (like here: Products). There are way too many products to list, so such a list is unwieldy and hardly to maintain.
    • The same might hold for chips & vendors and maybe even for distributions.
  • Although contributions are under GPL it would be nice if there was some form of attribution. http://www.nslu2-linux.org/ does that (imho) nicely (but they use PMwiki).
  • http://www.elinux.org/Special:Wantedcategories seems to suggest that there are some categories that are never made and actually only have one or two pages. Guess this should be resolved as well.

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