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This is the elinux issues page. This is a raw list of items that need to be worked on for this wiki, based on feedback from various sources.

Here is a list of issues to fix on the elinux wiki:

  • should change copyright statement at the bottom of the edit form
  • missing Project:Copyrights from link in statement on edit form
  • need recent periodical content
  • monthly feature is empty
  • we haven't run contests yet
  • there's no simple list of things to fix
    • something someone can fix with 10 minutes or less time
      • one possible suggestion, global page review - review a page, take it off the list

navigation bar

  • current events is out of date
  • community portal doesn't do anything interesting
  • "Donations" should just be removed
  • content of "special pages" is too long and unorganized
    • maybe replace with "all pages" (equivalent of title index)

Uncategorized information

{{{ (The solicitation of contributions isn't useful for first timers, they want to see if you have anything to offer them before they'll commit any time to pushing anything into your repository. There are 8 gazillion sites out there, why is this one going to draw the traffic to make it worth the time to post to? You have to show them first. And having zero obvious content followed by "please help to extend this wiki" comes off as a bit desparate. Perhaps "Here's how to extend this wiki", but you can also just put that in the nav bar on the left.)

If you have no other intro content, then copy the navigation bar on the left inline here. Duplicate all its' links and provide a brief description of each (a short paragraph, maybe 2-3 sentences.) Although since I just clicked on the first one (community portal) and it brought a mirror of the main page up with _zero_ new content... right.

The current events page: Nothing's happened since OLS? The kernel summit and associated European coference? The O'reilley thing? Didn't Ubuntu have something? The PPC conference happening here in Austin this coming weekend:


Which I won't be going to because they charge normal attendees like me $500 for just attending the panels! Poking at PPC is a HOBBY for me, I'm not spending $500 on it to attend a few panels over a weekend, thanks. $50 tops. They need a hobbyist badge.

Anyway, check the Linux weekly news events page, and cherry pick out the embedded stuff. That's the comprehensive one.

The "recent changes" link isn't quite a substitute for a human edited weekly pick, but it's better than nothing. Lots of dups as the same page receives minor tweaks. I notice just about everything listed there is a talk, why is there no "talks" grouping tag on the left if there's lots of such content?

How do I find _ANY_ kind of index for the contents of this wiki? I can't search if I don't know what's here. How would I find those talks if they _weren't_ recent changes? I need to hit "random page" and hope?

I'd love to link to this from the master index I'm making (currently http://kernel.org/doc/master.html, it'll become index.html once I'm happy with it. Needs a _lot_ of work...) But right now, what's there to link to? I dunno...