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This is the elinux issues page. This is a raw list of items that need to be worked on for this wiki, based on feedback from various sources.

Here is a list of issues to fix on the elinux wiki:

overall look and feel

  • should change copyright statement at the bottom of the edit form
  • need an icon for upper left corner of site

missing pages (top list)

See Special:Wanted Pages

  • missing Project:Copyrights from link in statement on edit form

content fixes

Have, but maybe need simple list of items to fix (maybe this page is it)

    • something someone can fix with 10 minutes or less time
      • one possible suggestion, global page review - review a page, take it off the list

events page

  • events page is out of date
    • recent events:
    • can possibly cherry-pick from
      • the LWN events/calendar page
      • linuxdevice events page
  • Would be nice if "recent changes" was a human edited weekly pick of important page updates.
  • "Recent changes" has lots of dups.
  • Maybe there should be a "talks" grouping tag?

navigation bar

  • current events is out of date
  • community portal doesn't do anything interesting
    • community portal is just a mirror of the main page. this is bogus
  • "Donations" should just be removed
  • content of "special pages" is too long and unorganized
    • maybe replace with "all pages" (equivalent of title index)

content building

  • need to create a list of authored content
  • need a template for professional papers
  • need recent periodical content
  • monthly feature is empty
  • we haven't run the content-building contests yet

Uncategorized information