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This is the elinux issues page. This is a raw list of items that need to be worked on for this wiki, based on feedback from various sources.

Here is a list of issues to fix on the eLinux wiki:

overall look and feel

  • should change copyright statement at the bottom of the edit form
  • need an icon for upper left corner of site

missing pages (top list)

As of Sep 21, 2007, there were 450 Wanted Pages.

Please take the time to examine the list, and either eliminate the faulty link to a page, or create a page for the indicated item.

  • missing Project:Copyrights from link in statement on edit form

content fixes

Have, but maybe need simple list of items to fix (maybe this page is it)

    • something someone can fix with 10 minutes or less time
      • one possible suggestion, global page review - review a page, take it off the list

events page

  • events page is out of date
    • recent events:
    • can possibly cherry-pick from
      • the LWN events/calendar page
      • linuxdevice events page
  • Would be nice if "recent changes" was a human edited weekly pick of important page updates.
  • "Recent changes" has lots of dups.
  • Maybe there should be a "talks" grouping tag?

navigation bar

  • current events is out of date
  • community portal doesn't do anything interesting
    • community portal is just a mirror of the main page. this is bogus
  • "Donations" should just be removed
  • content of "special pages" is too long and unorganized
    • maybe replace with "all pages" (equivalent of title index)

content building

  • need to create a list of authored content
  • need a template for professional papers
  • need recent periodical content
  • monthly feature is empty
  • we haven't run the content-building contests yet

site management

  • would be nice to move elinux-wiki@tree.celinuxforum.org to eLinux.org domain
  • admins needs ssh access to eLinux.org site
  • Tim doesn't have sysop privileges on the site

Uncategorized issues