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== Embedded Beagle Class ==
== Embedded Beagle Class ==

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Embedded Beagle Class

The goal of this project is to create teaching materials for the BeagleBoard that will make it easy for those teaching either 8/16-bit embedded classes, or traditional Operating System (OS) classes to use the Beagle in their class.

The 8-bit PIC processors and the 32/64-bit Intel class processors represent the two extremes of the operating system world. The 8-bit processors have very limited resources may have no OS; the 64-bit processors have big OS’s that often view the processor as having unlimited resources. The goal is to provide paths to the Beagle from both camps. The big processor camp will learn the limitations of the 32-bit embedded world. The 8-bit camp will learn how to do embedded via the Linux operating system.


Most of these materials will be hands-on labs that will map the general concepts to specific exercises. Here are some sample topics from both camps and how they map to the Beagle.

8/16-bit Topic Beagle Topic Workshop OS Topic
Reading/writing I/O pins Using /sysfs for gpio
Serial ports and RS-232 Using /dev/tty Using /dev/tty
SPI, I2C, USB SPI, I2C, USB Processing I/O
A/D, D/A ALSA sound system ALSA
Poling and interrupts Interrupt processing, threads Processes, threads
cmem Memory Management
c6run and using the DSP Multiprocessors
Video frame buffers gpu’s