Embedded Linux Mini Post Summit 2010

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Here is information about the Embedded Linux Mini Post-Summit, 2010.

This page has some information about the location, date, time, attendees, sponsors and other plans for this event.

Note: this page is under construction.


Here is a table of confirmed (or semi-confirmed) attendees for the summit:

Name Company Notes Topic
Tim Bird Sony Lead organizer of the summit CELF work areas, Sony kernel report, embedded status?, report from Tokyo summit
Hisao Munakata Renesas SOC tree issues
Magnus Damm Renesas Renesas ARM maintainer Renesas port status
Ralf Baechle Wind River MIPS Maintainer MIPS arch tree status
Russell King ARM Maintainer ARM arch tree status
Grant Likely Secret Lab SPI and Device Tree maintainer Device trees, Linaro
Kevin Hilman OMAP core developer, TI DaVinci maintainer, OMAP PM core developer OMAP/DaVinci platform status
Ben Dooks Samsung SOC maintainer Samsung/Simtec platform status
Satoru Ueda Sony
Philippe Robin ARM Linaro status report
David Woodhouse Intel Embedded Maintainer (not confirmed to attend yet) Status of Flash Filesystems
Catalin Marinas ARM ARM system development, Kmemleak author

Notes: Paul Mundt is not coming to ELC Europe (he's not on the registration list)

Attendee Guidelines

Meeting Details

  • Date: October 26, 2010
  • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Location: Cambridge, UK
  • Venue: University Arms Hotel
  • Room: Darwin Room

Hotel Information

De Vere University Arms Hotel
Regent Street,


The agenda is being discussed on the Embedded Linux Summit mailing list. See http://elinux.org/Embedded_Linux_Summit_2010#Agenda

Some specific items from the Tokyo meeting include:

  • IP block procurement
  • kernel flag version
  • proposed CELF contract work

  • CE Linux Forum