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|  Magnus Damm
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|  Renesas
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Here is information about the Embedded Linux Summit, 2010.

This page has some information about the location, date, time, attendees, sponsors and other plans for this event.

Note: this page is under construction.


Here is a table of confirmed (or semi-confirmed) attendees for the summit:

Name Company Notes
Tim Bird Sony Lead organizer of the summit
Bdale Garbee HP
Matt Mackall Selenic Embedded Maintainer
Greg Ungerer Snapgear uClinux Maintainer
Paul Mundt Renesas SH Maintainer
Hisao Munakata Renesas
Ralph Baechle MIPS Maintainer
David Woodhouse Intel Embedded Maintainer
Grant Likely Secret Lab Device tree maintainer
I.P. Park Samsung (tentative)
Hyo Jun Im LGE
Yoshitake Kobayashi Toshiba
Brian Swetland Google (tentative)
Magnus Damm Renesas
Bryan Swetland Qualcomm

Attendee Guidelines

Meeting Details

  • Date: September 30, 2010
  • Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Venue: Roppongi Hills
    • Directions:

Lunch and dinner will be provided by CELF.


The agenda is being discussed on the summit mailing list.

Here is the draft that Tim proposed for different topics for the meeting:

 1. mainline gap
   1.1 version gap is most prevalent form
   1.2 how to reduce it?
     1.2.1 can stable release maintenance help with this?
     1.2.2 patch mining - pros and cons
     1.2.3 proxy contributors - pros and cons
     1.2.4 development methods: git vs. git+quilt vs. big honking vendor tarballs!
 2. architecture-specific issues (ARM, MIPS, x86)
   2.1 SOC vendor tree isolation
   2.2 defconfigs
   2.3 recent industry initiatives (e.g. Linaro)
 3. SMP in embedded
 4. Android current status
   4.1 kernel requirements
   4.2 mainline gap
     4.2.1 how it's managed
     4.2.2 plan for closing gap
 5. Meego current status (same sub-points as above)
 6. WebOS current status (same sub-points as above)
 7. The state of flash file systems
 8. embedded power management
   8.1 suspend blockers?
   8.2 runtime PM
 9. industry contribution rate - how to increase it
   9.1 impedances to industry participation in open source
     9.1.1 systematically identifying impedances
 10. industry and community pain points
   10.1 industry pain points - what do developers spend their time doing?
   10.2 community pain points - what to developers spend their time doing?
   10.3 need a survey or are attendees representative?
 11. CELF projects - (Tim - 30 minutes)
   11.1 status of current work
   11.2 ideas for future work
 12. Automated testing
   12.1 is it of any use?
   12.2 what kinds are needed
   12.3 should CELF or LF fund something? (long painful history here...)


13. Unified bootloader architecture
14. Device tree status (Grant Likely - ?? minutes)

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