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Here is an outline for a presentation on the status of embedded Linux:

This is essentially User:Tim Bird's private collection of interesting notes about the status of embedded Linux. It tends to get updated right before a Linux conference.



* kernel markers
* security modules are gone

Interesting patches:

* latency trace system (mcount support in the kernel, with multiple tracers)
  * Steven Rostedt's isolation and generalization of RT-preempts latency-trace system
* mem_notify - allows processes to avoid the OOM killer
  * see http://lwn.net/Articles/266361/
* latencytop support (going into 2.6.25??)
  * see http://lwn.net/Articles/266153/
* kpagemap - finally accepted into 2.6.25?? (yes according to Matt Mackall)

Bootup Time

  • pre-linking
  • XIP
  • (see filesystem work)
  • KFT
  • embedded bootchart

Memory Management

System Size

  • SLUB vs. SLAB vs. SLOB
    • in 2.6.23 both SLUB and SLOB received some updates. Nick Piggins wants to know what the size difference is between SLOB And SLUB. SLUB is on a track to replace SLAB. (Although there is still ongoing discussion about performance regressions of SLUB on some database loads, on LKML beginning of Oct.)
    • [give SLOB vs. SLUB size numbers]
      • x86 SLOB yields 180K more runtime memory than SLOB
      • arm SLOB yields ??? more runtime memory than SLOB
  • Linux-tiny revival
  • squashfs - will it ever get mainlined


File Systems

  • Yaffs
  • squashfs
  • cramfs
  • jffs2
  • logfs


The 2.6 and 2.6.1 releases of the GNU C Library are licensed under the
LGPL version 2.1, and GPL version 2.1 for the non-library programs
included, or any later version.  This means you are free to redistribute
this version under the terms of the LGPL version 3 or the GPL 3, as well
under as the version 2.1 terms of the 2.6 release.  We expect that the
next non-bug-fix release of the C Library will migrate to a newer LGPL version.




  • DLNA summit


  • Toolchains


  • OpenEmbedded
  • Embedded Debian
  • PokyLinux
  • Fedora for ARM
  • Ubuntu Mobile - really a stripped-down desktop distro

Industry organizations or projects