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This page contains issues relating to the content of the wiki.
#REDIRECT [[Elinux issues]]
Organisational issues have their own page at [[Embedded wiki to-do list]]
* Do we want pages listing all kind of products (like here: [[Products]]). There are way too many products to list, so such a list is unwieldy and hardly to maintain.
* The same might hold for chips & vendors and maybe even for distributions.
* Although contributions are under GPL it would be nice if there was some form of attribution. http://www.nslu2-linux.org/ does that (imho) nicely (but they use PMwiki).
* it seems we have orphaned pages (that is: pages that are not reachable from the Main Page). E.g. I seem to be unable to find a path to the page [[source task list]]. If there is no link from the Main Page information is obscured (which is no good).
** Here's a link to the [[http://elinux.org/index.php?title=Special:Lonelypages&limit=500&offset=0|orphaned pages]].  As of this writing, there are 218 of these.  It would be good to work through them and either get them linked or get rid of them.  There should not be any "island" pages on the wiki.

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