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Here is a page of things to-do for this wiki:

Embedded Wiki to-do list
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old moinmoin table

Code Status Owner Task Comment AI-018 #FFB0B0> todo Tim Move this action item list to new wiki .
AI-017 <#FFB0B0> todo ?? Add desired features from MoinMoin to MediaWiki See the list of desired features for the new Embedded wiki AI-016 <#FFB0B0> todo ?? Create backup policy and mechanism for site . AI-015 <#FFB0B0> todo ?? Move the site to it's public address . AI-014 <#FFB0B0> todo Bill Move content from CELF site to wiki attachments may be a problem, there are over 750 attachments in the CELF wiki AI-013 <#FFB0B0> todo ?? Create "desired articles" list . AI-012 <#FFB0B0> todo Task force Review policy guidelines for site . AI-011 <#FFFFB0> started Bill Create top-level site design . AI-010 <#B0FFB0> done Tim Talk to TimRiker about use of elinux domain name TimRiker is talking to other users of the eLinux wiki, We seem to agree in principle, but there are a few others to contact. AI-009 <#FFFFB0> started Bill Write first draft of site policy guide . AI-008 <#B0FFB0> done Sampo Install wiki engine . AI-007 <#B0FFB0> done Tim Have planning teleconference in October . AI-006 <#FFB0B0> todo ?? Create first article list . AI-005 <#B0FFB0> done Sampo Setup machine and hosting site . AI-004 <#B0FFB0> done Tim Propose project to BOD (again) . AI-003 <#B0FFB0> done Tim Collect bids for the editor position . AI-002 <#B0FFB0> done Task force Decide which wiki engine to use MediaWiki is preferred AI-001 <#B0FFB0> done Task force Determine domain name need to scan for available names

Status Key:

Status Meaning style=background:#FFB0B0 todo Task needs to be done
style=background:#FFFFB0 started Work has started on this task
style=background:#B0FFB0 done Task is completed
style=background:#E0E0E0 combined Task was a duplicate and was combined with another task
style=background:#E0E0E0 canceled Task was abandoned