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Here is a page of things to-do for this wiki:

Code Status Owner Task Comment
AI-018 todo Tim Move this action item list to new wiki .
AI-017 todo  ?? Add desired features from MoinMoin to MediaWiki the list of desired features for the new Embedded wiki]
AI-016 todo  ?? Create backup policy and mechanism for site .
AI-015 todo  ?? Move the site to it's public address .
AI-014 todo Bill Move content from CELF site to wiki attachments may be a problem, there are over 750 attachments in the CELF wiki
AI-013 todo  ?? Create "desired articles" list .
AI-012 todo Task force Review policy guidelines for site .
AI-011 started Bill Create top-level site design .
AI-010 done Tim B. Talk to TimRiker about use of elinux domain name TimRiker is talking to other users of the eLinux wiki, We seem to agree in principle, but there are a few others to contact.
AI-009 started Bill Write first draft of site policy guide .
AI-008 done Sampo Install wiki engine .
AI-007 done Tim Have planning teleconference in October .
AI-006 todo  ?? Create first article list .
AI-005 done Sampo Setup machine and hosting site .
AI-004 done Tim Tim .
AI-003 done Tim Collect bids for the editor position .
AI-002 done Task force Decide which wiki engine to use MediaWiki is preferred
AI-001 done Task force Determine domain name decided on "elinux.org"

Status Key:

Status Meaning
todo Task needs to be done
started Work has started on this task
done Task is completed
combined Task was a duplicate and was combined with another task
canceled Task was abandoned