Essential Linux Device Drivers

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Essential Linux Device Drivers

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Sreekrishnan Venkateswaran, Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series, ISBN-10: 0132396556 ISBN-13: 9780132396554, 744 pages

This book does a very decent attempt at describing everything you need to know about Linux driver development.

From the Amazon website:

  • Addresses drivers discussed in no other book, including drivers for I2C, video, sound, PCMCIA, and different types of flash memory
  • Demystifies essential kernel services and facilities, including kernel threads and helper interfaces
  • Teaches polling, asynchronous notification, and I/O control
  • Introduces the Inter-Integrated Circuit Protocol for embedded Linux drivers
  • Covers multimedia device drivers using the Linux-Video subsystem and Linux-Audio framework
  • Shows how Linux implements support for wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared, WiFi, and cellular networking
  • Describes the entire driver development lifecycle, through debugging and maintenance
  • Includes reference appendixes covering Linux assembly, BIOS calls, and Seq files

Be sure to also visit the book's homepage as it contains misc updates, errata, source code, etc...

User comments

Comment from Alan Cox “Probably the most wide ranging and complete Linux device driver book I’ve read.”.

Comment from User:Kaa-ching: I really liked the book. It is up-to-date (at least early 2008 it was :-) ) and comprehensive.

Comment from User:ThomasPetazzoni : This book is a nice addition to the traditional Linux Device Drivers. Not only because it is more up-to-date, but also because it covers a wider range of drivers. However, reading Linux Device Drivers first is probably recommended. In the end, I think both books are very complementary.

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