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We're currently planning an ARM Subarchitecture Maintainership Workshop for the first day of Kernel Summit in Prague, October 23, 2011. Watch this page for details, or contact Grant Likely, Nicolas Pitre, or Arnd Bergmann.

There is limited space available for this meeting. Seats were provided on a first-come, first-served basis and we have now surpassed our self-imposed limit of 24 people. However, if you still would like to attend, or would like to nominate someone who you think is an important participant, then email Grant Likely <>. We may be able to open up additional seats as needed.

We're also extending an open invite to all kernel summit invitees. If you've been invited to kernel summit and you'd like to attend the ARM workshop, then email Grant so that we know you are coming. Otherwise we'll make you sit on the floor.

Proposed agenda topics

Here is the current list of proposed discussion topics. Feel free to add items to this list.

  • arm-soc tree: 6 month retrospective
  • DT bindings for GPIO and pin mux
  • the pin mux subsystem from linusw (especially if it is still RFC by then)
  • progress with the single zImage work
  • presentation/status of the DMA and memory management work wrt CMA (some SOC specific hacks should go away once this is available)
  • DT porting progress
  • boot architecture status


Corrections only here, do not add names to this list. If you are interested in attending, email

Name Roles Representing (if applicable)
Nicolas Pitre arm-soc tree maintainer
Arnd Bergmann arm-soc tree maintainer
Olof Johansson tegra maintainer
David Brown MSM maintainer
Marek Vasut Various pxa boards maintainer
Ohad Ben-Cohen OMAP engineer
Sascha Hauer imx maintainer
Paul Walmsley OMAP clock framework maintainer
Catalin Marinas ARM engineer
Kukjin Kim Samsung SoC maintainer
Kyungmin Park Samsung mobile boards & drivers maintainer
Mark Brown ASoC maintainer
Grant Likely Device Tree, GPIO and SPI maintainer
Nicolas Ferre Atmel maintainer
Tony Lindgren OMAP maintainer
Will Deacon ARM engineer
Marc Zyngier ARM engineer
Pavel Machek Freezer/hibernation maintainer
Thomas Gleixner random Linux dude
Haojian Zhuang pxa/mmp maintainer
Kevin Hilman OMAP power management maintainer
Jean-Christophe Plagniol-Villard Atmel maintainer
Chris Ball MMC maintainer and OLPC developer
Magnus Damm shmobile maintainer
Russell King ARM architecture maintainer
Igor Grinberg OMAP engineer
Stephen Warren Nvidia engineer
Benoît Cousson OMAP engineer
Deepak Saxena Linaro Kernel WG manager
Waiting list - will be accepted if more space is made available.
Name Roles Representing (if applicable)
Nominated, but have not yet responded.
Name Roles Representing (if applicable)
Lennert Buytenhek Marvel SoC maintainer
Linus Walleij ST-Ericsson SoC maintainer
Barry Song CSR maintainer
Day 2 hacking sprint only
Name Roles Representing (if applicable)
Wolfram Sang
Declined - will not attend
Name Roles
Eric Miao pxa/mmp maintainer
Marek Szyprowski attending V4L2 workshop at same time
Paul Mundt shmobile maintainer