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== Embedded Linux Expert List ==
  • Rusty_Russell_Quotes This page is here in honor of Rusty Russell, one of the funniest Linux kernel developers EVER

Instructions for Experts

This page is intended to provide a place for Embedded Linux Experts to advertise their availability, and describe their expertise, to companies interested in paying them for services. This could include contract work or fulltime employment.

Linux experts are encouraged to provide their information in the table below so that companies may contact them for their areas of interest. Please put an expiration date for the information, so we can remove information when it gets stale. Or even better, when you have obtained work, please remove your entry from this table.

See the Jobs page for jobs already posted to this site.

Instructions for Employers

Please contact the person below, if you have a position or contract work you would like to hire someone to do. This list is not intended to be used to ask for free support.

You can also list your job on the Jobs page.

The List

Name (Link) Expertise areas Contact Info Expires date
Embedded Systems Consulting
Embedded Linux Consulting and Training, Board Support Package (Yocto, Buildroot, custom), Software Update, IoT, Security, Drivers Development, Software Development, Board Bring-up, Factory Testing, Platform Maintenance, Automated Validation (
Ayoub Zaki
Yocto development, Board bring-up, Board Support Package, Drivers Development, Software Update, Factory End-Of-Line Testing, User Interface Development, Security and IoT
Andreas Klinger
Development of device drivers for embedded and realtime linux systems
Cédric Vincent
Embedded development on ARM and x86 platforms (bootloader, drivers/kernel, middleware), System Consulting, Training 2021
Eric Wheeler
Linux Global
Embedded Redundant Bootloader Snapshot Support with Easy Manufacturer Reset Features, Linux Security, Support, Maintenance, Monitoring, and Consulting with 20 Years of Experience
Constantine Shulyupin
Israel, Worldwide
TI DaVinci, drivers, boot loaders, fast boot
Leon Woestenberg, MSc. EE, Sidebranch
Eindhoven, The Netherlands, EU/USA/CA
Embedded Linux, SoC/FPGA, Yocto, PCI Express, Real-time, OpenEmbedded, System and Hardware Design, Device Drivers, Training, Video Broadcast
Robert Berger - Reliable Embedded Systems - Robert Berger e.U. , Embedded Software Specialist, Athens (Greece)/St. Barbara (Austria), EU Training for: Yocto Project, Embedded Linux (Systems Architecture, Device Drivers), Real-time, Debugging, Boot, ... 2043
Marco Cavallini, Bergamo (Italy), EU Consulting and Training for: Embedded Linux (Systems Architecture, Device Drivers, Yocto Project), ARM, Real-time, Debugging, U-boot, Yocto Project development, OpenEmbedded, Board bring-up, Board Support Package, Drivers Development, Software Update, User Interface Development, Security and IoT KOAN sas 2020
Young-Ho Song, Seoul (Korea) Embedded Linux, Device drivers, Multimedia Communication & System, IPTV, Network Security Young-Ho Song 2022
Thomas Soehus, Aalborg (Denmark) TI OMAP, Sitara, Davinci and Freescale iMX SOC's, Embedded Linux, U-boot, BSP, device drivers, Yocto and Android. 2018
Juan Solano, Munich (Germany) Embedded Linux, ARM, Device Drivers, Real-time. 2022
Aaron Clarke (USA)
Embedded Consultant
e-Linux User Page
Prototyping; BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi
board bring-up; Linux kernels, bootloaders and device drivers
peripherals and communications protocols
troubleshooting and integration
Gautam Bhat - Bangalore, (India) Embedded Linux, ARM, u-boot, custom bootloaders, Baremetal OS on ARM microprocessors and microcontrollers, Embedded Test Software Development, Prototyping, board support package (BSP), board bring up, AOSP customization and bring up, Android framework customization, Microcontroller firmware, IoT custom end to end development (Messaging, Provisioning, Firmware Over the Air Upgrade), Communication protocols, Build setup using Timesys, Yocto, Ubuntu IoT, container customization for embedded. Email: 2030
Scott Ellis (USA)
Jumpnow Technologies, LLC
Embedded Linux consulting
BSPs using Yocto or Buildroot, Mender integration
RPi (RPi3, RPi0-W, CM3), TI (OMAP, AM335x), NXP i.MX6
Device drivers, bootloader customization, Qt5, custom software development
Sam Ghimire
San Jose - U.S.A.
Altera SoC and Xilinx Zynq experts
Embedded Linux consulting, Device drivers, bootloader customization, BSPs using Yocto or Buildroot, , Custom software development, Board bring-up, Board Support Package, Drivers Development, Software Update,
Ganesh Gudigara
Bangalore - India
Linux customization/BSP porting on embedded, Desktop/Thin clients, Carrier Grade systems. Bootloaders, Hybrid kernel, Baremetal Firmware, Zephyr/FreeRTS on ARM, x86, RISCV microprocessors and controllers. Distibution customization support based on Ubuntu/Debian, RHEL/Fedora, Yocto, Timesys,buildroot, openwrt.

Packages,Device driver ,UI development and validation, RPA automation and Factory testing. framework development for media(3DTV),IOT, edge computing platforms based on Linux/android with distributed process management, security, messaging, device provisioning, Firmware upgrade , virtualization, DMA/RDMA, RPC, containerization.