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Raspberry Pi Remote Desktop Server

Que fait ce guide ?

If you run Windows and want to remotely control a Raspberry Pi or you want to use your Raspberry as a Remote Desktop Server/ Terminal Sever you can install XRDP which is a Linux implementation of the Windows Remote Desktop Server / Terminal Server. Then you can use the already installed Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (mstsc.exe) or any Linux client to controll it.

De quoi avez-vous besoin ?

  • Un Raspberry Pi, modèle B.
  • Une carte SD pour amorcer le Raspberry Pi.
  • Une connexion (Ethernet ou WiFi).
  • Un logiciel spécifique à la fois sur le Raspberry Pi et sur l'ordinateur distant qui effectue le contrôle

Quelles sont les compétences requises ?

This project does not require any coding or compilation. Very basic Linux and networking knowledge would be useful, but not essential.

You need to...

  • Install software
  • Enter basic Linux commands
  • Use standard software tools (Windows/Linux/Mac) to add software to your PC
  • Connect computers using ethernet cables

Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ?

The commands described below start a "virtual" graphical session. It allows a user to controll mouse, keyboard and screen on a remote Raspberry Pi to use it from the standard Windows Remote Desktop Client och any RDP client for other operating systems.

Vue d'ensemble de ce projet

Vous devez

  • Installer le logiciel serveur XRDP (X Remote Desktop Protocol) sur le Raspberry Pi
  • Démarrer le logiciel serveur XRDP
  • Lancer un client Remote Desktop sur l'autre ordinateur
  • Vous connecter sur le Raspberry Pi depuis votre ordinateur via le réseau


Log in to your Pi and install the Vino Package

$ sudo apt-get install xrdp

Reboot the Raspberry Pi

Run the Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) from the startmenu in windows.

In the Computer box type in the address of the Raspberry Pi and press Connect.

Enter the username and password you want to log in on and you are done.

You are now working in a session that isn't seen on the Raspberry Pi screen.

If you run Linux you have many different client options to choose between, I use to use the Remmina Client or the Vinagre RDP client.

Then use <Your Pi IP>:1 (e.g. as the host name when connecting.[1]

  1. You can put your raspberry pi in /etc/hosts on Linux systems. I think you can make such a file on windows too. Then you can refer to your raspberry pi as "rpi" or whatever you called it.