File Systems Presentations

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File system

Embedded systems using eBPF

Presenter: Ioan-Adrian Ratiu, Collabora

Summary: This presentation provides information about the eBPF and mainstream way of tracing using the eBPF compiler collection for data centers.


File system Considerations for Embedded Devices

Presenter: Tristan Lelong, Adeneo

Summary: The session talks about design requirements of Embedded
devices, differences between NAND and MMC and features of file system.

PDF ELC 2015

A Deep Dive Into DEX File Format

Presenter: Rodrigo Chiossi, Intel Open Source Technology Center.

Summary: The session covers information about the DEX file structure,
characteristics, DEX instrumentation and limitations.

PDF ELC 2014

F2FS (Flash-Friendly File System).

Presenter: Joo-Young Hwang, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Summary: This presentation provides information about the FTL device
characteristics, performance evaluation results and Storage Access Pattern
in Mobile Phones.


An Insight into the Advanced XIP Filesystem (AXFS)

Presenter: Aditya Kumar, Sony India Software Centre Pvt Ltd

Summary: The slides cover information about AXFS design,
usage and performance comparison of AXFS in different scenarios,
including use of AXFS in combination with other optimization techniques.


Linux on eMMC: Optimizing For Performance

Presenter:: Ken Tough, Intrinsyc

Summary: This presentation provides information about eMMc characteristics,
read times, analysis at MMC/BLOCK level and file system layout.

PDF ELC 2012

Power Fail Safe FAT File Systems

Presenter: Keshava Munegowda

Summary: The session talks about the FAT file system, need of power fail
safe FAT and file system operation with logging and committing.

PDF ELC 2011

Evaluation of Data Reliability on Linux File Systems

Presenter: Keshava Munegowda

Summary: This presentation provides information about file system
requirement, data consistency and safety to achieve the performance.

PDF ELC 2010

Update on filesystems for flash storage.

Presenter: Michael Opdenacker

Summary: This presentation talks about new armel root file system
for the tests, easier access to MTD and file system utilities.

PDF ELC 2010

Evaluation of Flash File Systems for Large NAND Flash Memory

Presenter: Toru Homma

Summary: This presentation provides overview of the different flash file systems,
software block file system and testing environment.

PDF ELC 2009

AXFS: Architecture and Results.

Presenter: Jared Hulbert

Summary: The presenter talks about the new file system, supportable solution
for application XIP and flexible use of all

PDF ELC 2008

Filesystem Support on Multi Level Cell (MLC) Flash in Open Source

Presenter: Kyungmin Park, Sunmi Yoo

Summary: The session covers details on the MLC software and
direct use of MLC flash.

PDF ELC 2008

File System Survey, Focus on Embedded Linux

Presenter: Gene Sally

Summary: This presentation provides information about file system,
kernel and user space file systems and picking a root file system.

PDF ELC 2007