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(ELC 2013 in Sanfrancisco)
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== ELC 2013 in Sanfrancisco ==
== ELC 2013 in Sanfrancisco ==
[https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6qmwBx51MQ1ZGtEUGstMUlVNTg/edit?usp=sharing View Presentation (PDF)]
[https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6qmwBx51MQ1UGtvVUE1ek9ZcFE/edit?usp=sharing View Presentation (PDF)]
= Required Sources =
= Required Sources =

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About FIT (Flattened Image Trees)

FIT is a "new", extensible, flexible U-boot Image format for representing multi-component kernel images. FIT images can represent one or more components in an image in the form of a Tree using the DT architecture. Some of the components include:

- kernel images
- ramdisks
- device trees
- cryptographic signatures.

The FIT architecture is capable of selecting different components (a kernel X, a DTB y, a ramdisk Z) from a single Image, and dynamically booting them. The presentation material attached below provides more details, examples and usecases of FIT.


ELC 2013 in Sanfrancisco

View Presentation (PDF)

Required Sources


You can contact Joel Fernandes (joel_ on freenode) for more details. email:

 joelagnel [at] ti [dot] com
 agnel.joel [at] gmail [dot] com