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(homemade pcb)
(homemade pcb)
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== homemade pcb ==
== homemade pcb ==
== piratebus ==
== piratebus ==

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Flameman & Legacy 's projects

i run these project in my spare hobby time

master index

target started project name project url status
spartan3e embedded OSless 20 October 2009 spartan3s500e_starter_kit Flameman/spartan3-3s500e early vhdl
m68k bigendian embedded OSless 2 June 2005 m68ec0x0IDP-68060 Flameman/m68ec0x0IDP early CRT, working with his ucMON, few issues
m68k bigendian embedded OS, WxWorks in ROM, it needs to be replaced 23 October 2009 eltek-2x68060 Flameman/eltek early CRT, nothing is working: VME backplane is required
m68k bigendian embedded OSless 12 June 2005 keycomp-68000 Flameman/magenta-kaycomp-68k early CRT, working with his ucMON, few issues
6800, hc11 bigendian embedded OSless 14 June 2005 fingerboard-m68hc11 Flameman/fingerboard early CRT, working with his ucMON, few issues
m68k bigendian embedded OSless 13 June 2006 tutorm68k-68010 Flameman/tutorm68k early CRT, working with his ucMON (motorola tutor), few issues
m68k bigendian embedded OSless 16 June 2005 MRM-m68332 Flameman/mrm early CRT, working with his ucMON, few issues, robot application
ppc bigendian full OS 21 November 2009 ppc7410/7445 eval atx board Flameman/sandpoint3 very early proof
ppc bigendian full OS 8 Feb 2010 ebony Flameman/ebony under dev, few issues
ppc bigendian full OS 6 June 2007 DHT-Walnut-ppc405GP Flameman/dht-walnut mature, working with 2.6.15/21, few issues
ppc bigendian full OS 24 June 2009 IBM/AMCC-Walnut-ppc405GP (fork of dht-walnut) Flameman/walnut mature, working with 2.6.15/21, few issues
mips littleendian full OS 3 December 2007 RouterBoard-rb532 Flameman/routerboard-rb532 mature, working with 2.6.22 (new 2.6.37), few little issues
m68k bigendian embedded OSless 14 December 2007 Palm-m105-m68328 Flameman/m105 just ucmon, no working OS, very early status
m68k bigendian embedded/full OS 11 January 2009 mac68k Flameman/mac68k not mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues, no working uart, the new bootloader boots directly from the scsi hard drive
arm littleednian embedded/full OS 14 April 2009 zaurus-akita Flameman/zaurus-akita mature, working 2.6, hw hack in progress
mips bigendian embedded/full OS 16 February 2009 fonera Flameman/fonera early mature, working with 2.6.26, few issues
hppa1 bigendian embedded/full OS 15 Dicember 2009 hp712 Flameman/hp712 early mature, working with 2.6.16, few issues, need to be updated
mips bigendian full OS 12 February 2009 gentoo-mips/sgi Gentoo MIPS SGI Flameman/sgi early proof version, just opened for reporting ... other info should be merged from my old web side [1] [bootloader http://www.linux-mips.org/wiki/ARCLoad]


arm7 embedded bareboard 15 June 2011 knxlpc2378 (keil and gcc) Flameman/knxlpc2348 just bsp, no working OS, very early status: ucOS/2 early ported (pretty working) ... tcp/ip webserver bareboard also ported (and working)
avr 328 embedded bareboard 15 June 2011 arduino Flameman/arduino pretty easy apps
dsp mc56002 bareboard 15 June 2011 dsp motorola mc56002 Flameman/dsp-mc56002 pretty easy apps
tinijava java wiring bareboard 29 June 2011 dalsemi core'51 max80c390 Flameman/tinijava-390 pretty easy apps
cpld 29 June 2011 altera cpld Flameman/cpld-epm1270 pretty easy apps
mips bigendian full OS 28 August 2011 ubiquiti-routerstation/pro Flameman/routerstation-pro early, 2.6.39+hack
blackfin + avr bareboard 02 September 2011 blackfin+avr Flameman/blackfin-avr early, bareboard
mips bigendian bareboard 18 January 2012 atlas board Flameman/atlas early, bareboard
blackfin MMUless OS 04 April 2012 blackfin-bf537-stamp Flameman/blackfin-bf537-stamp early, uclinux 2.6.26

who (and why to) runs projects like these ?

an interesting article http://lwn.net/Articles/222773/

ipaq -> openmoko alternative, see http://openpandora.org/index.php

using videoram as swap

Graphic cards contain a lot of very fast RAM, typically between 64 and 512 MB. it's possible to use it as swap space, or even as RAM disk.

using gcc

a brief about PowerPC

cross compiling

using qemu

using qemu/freedos


what is an OS ?

article idea (early proof version)


using gcc

tini java embedded processor, written in VHDL


using git


linux.2.4 internal

who is flameman ? (how to contact him ?)

-> Flameman/who

what is the book of the day ?

-> Flameman/books


-> Flameman/proof


-> [[2]]


--> Flameman/bitbake



find good code


trasmission line


homemade pcb



pinout http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Bus_Pirate_I/O_Pin_Descriptions

idea from sparkfun http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9544

linux programming interfaces

The Linux Programming Interface, by Michael Kerrisk, No Starch Press, ISBN 978-1593272203, 1552 pages, October 2010

This really heavy tome (1552 pages!) tries to explain each and every system call and system library you'll probably need some time or the other. While many of the content can be found in traditional manpages, the example code is quite nice as a reference implementation and helps to understand the topic explained - and if all else fails, throwing it hard enough at your computer/co-worker/boss will also solve a lot of problems (but will also create more severe ones).

You can find a Review at LWN.net

Book's Homepage

Orphaned pages

--> http://www.elinux.org/index.php?title=Special:LonelyPages&limit=500&offset=0