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the idea

Every FT2232 universal serial module has an EEPROM on board that is programmed with a default set of parameters including the

  • VID:0x0403 default
  • PID:0x6010 default
  • VID:0x0456 gnICE
  • PID:0xf000 gnICE

The EEPROM can be changed onboard using the FTDI Windows utility FT_Prog or any other Linux stuff. If you change the VID & PID to match gnice then every software looking for gnICE can detect the module.

urjtag is handling is at urjtag/src/tap/cable/ft2232.c & ft2232_list.h This is where the gnice and gnice+ are defined.

so you could aldo modify the urjtag code replacing

URJ_DECLARE_FTDX_CABLE(0x0456, 0xF000, "-mpsse", "gnICE", gnice)


URJ_DECLARE_FTDX_CABLE(0x0403, 0x6010, "-mpsse", "gnICE", gnice)

from windows


from linux