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For more interesting projects done by Flameman, be sure to check out his project index

CY7C68013A+EPM1270 + SRAM CPLD data acquisition Board logic analyzer


  • chip on Board:
    • USB chip: CY7C68013A-56PVXC
    • SRAM memory: IS61LV25616-10, SRAM 256K x 16 high speed asynchronous CMOS static RAM with 3.3v supply in 48-pin BGA package. Operational temperature range from 0°C to 70°C.
    • EEPROM chip: 24LC64
    • 3.3 V power LDO:ASM1117 - 3.3
    • Active clock: 48MHZ
    • Whole tantalum capacitor power filter


  • SRAM memory, as an external input data buffer, can be more effective to process and transmit data, make the board more suitable for data acquisition.
  • You can even use the board as 8 channel logic analyzers, each channel can be achieved the highest sampling rate 24MHZ, and can meet the low speed SCM system timing sequence logic analysis.