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Stay away from "stelios-k" on eBay.

I am the team leader of a small group of friends, we only had two working DHT-Walnut boards shared among five person, so we tried to buy other boards. Unfortunately we got contacted by a dude who asked 35 euro for shipping from Greece. Mr.Stelios-K privately reached one of my friends on a person-to-person marketplace of a forum where my friend had opened a "want to buy" topic several weeks earlier, and offered some boards in exchange for money and our free software support to his boards on eBay. Which was somehow "wow" to hear, we are all students and hobbyists with limited budget, but then he shipped boards in soft-cardboard, with the result that two arrived heavily damaged and we haven't yet found a way to repair(1), one board was "ok", while the fourth one was lightly damaged but has been recently repaired and it's now working.

  1. 0 #1
  2. 2 #3

Status of each board in the picture

board#0 defect: broken DIMM connector with two pins bent, scratches on the PCB status: faulty repairable: dunno, probably no

board#1 defect: no defects status: working

board#2 defect: scratches on the PCB, RJ45 crushed status: faulty repairable: yes -> it's back to working condition

board#3 defect: broken DIMM connector with one pin bent, scratches on the PCB status: faulty repairable: dunno, probably no

We spent a lot of time to repair the board#2. It looked apparently fine, but the networking was not properly working, it randomly manifested weird and unexplained disconnections, inspecting the PCB we found the plastic of the RJ45 connector cracked so the cable didn't make good and reliable contact.

Once we replace the RJ45 connector things started properly moving. We spent time on the firmware, the problem was on the hardware, there is still a discussion in a forum about these weird issues.

The other two boards are more unfortunate, they have damages on the ram connector, and this make some contact between the stick and the controller completely unreliable, so these boards randomly crash and 90% of time the don't even pass the bootstrap. We still have to figure out how to hot-air-de-solder and replace a big DIMM connector without damaging the PCB.

Attached is the photo of what we got from that guy, and you can judge for yourself.

What makes this story really annoying is not only he asked 40 euro to ship a soft cardboard (that's frankly too overpriced, I can ship up to 6Kg via UPS-2nd class for 18 euro), and didn't spent enough time to properly package boards, but he also refused to refund or to fix the problem.

If you want and advice: don't accept private deal with that person, if you really want to buy, buy on eBay, so if you will receive garbage from stelios-k he will be reported to the community with a well deserved negative feedback, as well as a report to eBay who will kick him out after several bad reports like this.

I don't really like people like this dude because they don't have any respect for people and for people's property!

We still need to find more boards so each person in the group can develop alone.