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  • @16-02-2009

the kernel DOESN't bootstrap from the micro drive (using sleeve 2x pcmcia)

  • @18-02-2009

a special kernel bootstraps from the micro drive (ONLY using sleave 1x pcmcia, something wrong in iPAQ kernel sleeave about the 2x pcmcia =P probably bad identify value: to be investigated) a tiniGentoo-arm4 is under development: the proof is booting with init=/bin/bash root=/dev/hda3

  • @19-02-2009, need to confirm http://www.handhelds.org/moin/moin.cgi/KernelStatus
  • @23-02-2009, stage3 is OK, stage4 has been started wirh xorg-x11 in my mind (QT embedded is under studying)
  • @02-03-2009, stage4.a is OK, nanoX is running, kernel 2.6.29.colie is up, the RTC is working, backlight & other stuff are still not