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Today MOTOROLA semiconductor group is sold to Freescale. The so called "company evolution" .... Happened at the end of 2004. When Motorola was running the semiconductors desk, i was provided this IDP board as "68k learner". Since 1999 i have been developping around the board in my free time. She eats 2.5A, so at 5V that means 13Watt .... this because she has a lot of fun and troubles

about the board Kaycomp-68k.jpg

[1985-2005] This is a Kaycomp 68000 Microprocessor board made by "Magenta Electronics" in the UK. This is an older version of the one currently available for 100 pounds. The original kit (1985) included a stiffy disk with a 68000 assembler, a power supply (for the UK) and the 'quick start' documents that came with the kit. I don't have any of this. I have been working to power up the board and accessed the buildt-in monitor program via the serial interface. I have downloaded the 2 ROMs to srec-files (motorola srec format) and combined the two images (upper and lower) to a binary image of the rom, this is nice if you'd like to study the firmware. This board is not working today, but it will be ! If you want to collaborate, you are welcome ! [68000 board Bob Coates January 1986, p67 Bob Coates discusses monitor software, having previously described the working of the board and serial interfacing]

 | I bought "BYTE magazine September 1987"; there is a sweet article about 
 | 68k & unix. Also i bought "Modern Operating System by Tanenbam" and 
 | "The Design of the UNIX operating system by Bach". Do you think is it a
 | good start-up ? If not, could you suggest a good book/documentation ?