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homemande pcb

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Acid Copper Through-hole Plating

Once the through-holes have been activated, your board is ready for acid copper electroplating (short for "electrolytic plating"). Considering the amount of trepidation that seems to surround the entire topic of through-hole connectivity, and the lengths that some people will go to avoid wet chemistry, putting a uniform, reliable sheath of copper on the insides of every hole turns out to be quite straight forward if not downright easy. Thanks to decades of work by the major electrochemical suppliers, the various chemical systems are well understood and readily available in most industrialized nations. Most of the equipment, like acid copper plating tanks, is easy to make and will last for many years if properly maintained. The items that are not easily fabricated in a home shop are available from a variety of sources. A high-performance plating solution can be mixed using readily available materials.