Flash Filesystem Benchmarks 2.6.39

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This page is part of the Flash_Filesystem_Benchmarks effort done by Free Electrons with funding from the CE Linux Forum. This page presents the results of our tests with a 2.6.39 vanilla Linux kernel.

Note: yaffs2 isn't included because it doesn't build against 2.6.39 (since the removal include/linux/smp_lock.h, actually)

Board IGEPv2

Elinux-igepv2-39-init time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-init cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-init mem.png Elinux-igepv2-39-mount time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-mount cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-mount mem.png Elinux-igepv2-39-remount time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-remount cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-used space.png Elinux-igepv2-39-read time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-read cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-remove time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-remove cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-write time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-write cpu time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-video write time.png Elinux-igepv2-39-video write cpu time.png

Board Calao USB-9263

Elinux-calao-39-init time.png Elinux-calao-39-init cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-init mem.png Elinux-calao-39-mount time.png Elinux-calao-39-mount cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-mount mem.png Elinux-calao-39-remount time.png Elinux-calao-39-remount cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-used space.png Elinux-calao-39-read time.png Elinux-calao-39-read cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-remove time.png Elinux-calao-39-remove cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-write time.png Elinux-calao-39-write cpu time.png Elinux-calao-39-video write time.png Elinux-calao-39-video write cpu time.png