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Geary Group [geer- ree groop, gɪər-riː gruːp] was composed primarily by three large bodies, the Geary Interactive - in which caters digital marketing, MatrixMT - offers SEO services and Geary PMG - a lead generation firm. They all work together in providing quality services to their clients. They are known to be performance-driven and have the ability to strengthen the mode of services offered.
Geary started in a small digital marketing business in San Diego that was compose of only 50 members, but now it maybe hundreds or thousands already.  It was co-founded by Andreas Roell in the year 2000. Geary had its long way and had expanded largely. From that start they had been providing digital services in its best, providing marketing solutions to its clients.
Roell was said to be the key to Geary's success. Through his capabilities and managing techniques Geary had been long enjoying its corporate success. It is also through his efforts that Geary was entitled to be one of the largest independent digital marketing providers in the US.
On April 20, 2012 Geary Group. Inc. announced its merger to the LSF Network. Inc. - a global online marketing and media buying agency. They had already gone through an agreement to build up a leading digital marketing company. All this partnership had garnered the Geary Group to have all the needed skills to make anything possible in the digital marketing world. Together, they have strengthened their efforts to search on every individual's expertise and to be able to maximize these as they work on their team. Together they had work for more and much better way in delivering digital marketing strategies to the world.
Geary Group with this delectable collaboration with the best companies in their own fields, practices being ethically acting towards their clients, so with their colleagues in their work group and so with their business partners.
As the new collaboration took place, it adds new services and managing improvements. Such new and enhanced services include strategic planning, analytics, digital advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), online media buying, local and social media marketing, pay per click advertising, web site development, reputation management, creative designing and many others.
Geary Group has now almost all the capabilities to carry out the future digital marketing world. The Group will be headed by Andreas Roell the Geary Group, Inc. Chairman and CEO as Chairman of the GearyLSF Group.
All of this had proven Geary's competitiveness and ability to facilitate and handle and even go beyond what is expected. But do its heads still grounded, despite all their success? If they are, they'll not be involved in a contract breached case. The company has recently been suied with an Estafa case for breaching a contract with one of its outsourcing companies.

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