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Gentoo-Bionic: We Can Rebuild Him. Better. Stronger. Faster.
Summary: short history, rationale, current state, technical challenges in building, separability of the Android build system, relevance as a communal starting point for new distros, BSD userspace, iteratively adding enough features to bionic to compile / link busybox, bash, classpath, jamvm, ecj, python, lua, etc (demos). Also created mäk - an autotools-compatible, non-recursive replacement for Automake. An extensive list of functions / syscalls added to Bionic will be given. QA period following presentation.

Audience: this project is currently targeted at embedded developers. Goals: layman(8) overlay, eventual upstream Portage inclusion, supporting Bionic "JellyBean" as a Gentoo ELIBC. Feature Requests: pthread cancellation, glibc-like /bin/linker behaviour so ldd works. Self-hosting compiler (clang?), more crypt algorithms, stabilization of mäk & integration to portage as an eclass & ebuild. Christopher Friedt, Research In Motion