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The Hammer CPU board is based upon Samsung’s S3C2410A ARM920T processor. It gives you the power of an ARM9 processor in an easy to use modular package. The Hammer CPU board fits into a standard 40 pin DIP socket. It is an ideal platform for code development and prototyping in an embedded environment. You can quickly interface to the Hammer using your standard prototyping tools that are based upon 0.1 inch centers.

Hardware Specifications:

   * Microprocessor ( CPU ): S3C2410A - Samsung (200 MHz)
   * ARM 920T core with Cache (16K+16K) and MMU
   * Main Memory: 32MB SDRAM (16M x 16 bit, 100MHz)
   * FLASH : 16MB NOR Flash
   * Peripherals available:
         o 2 UART’s (also supports IrDA)
         o 1 I2C
         o 2 SPI’s
         o 2 16-bit Timers/PWM’s
         o 1 8-bit LCD Interface + control signals
         o 1 USB Host Port
         o 1 USB Slave Port
         o 2 ADC’s (10 bit )
         o 4 External Interrupt pins
         o 1 Up to 30 pins of GPIO’s (note: some of the GPIO’s and peripherals share the same pins. You must select either General Purpose I/O pins or their alternate peripheral functions.) 
   * JTAG Interface: 2 x 7 Header – standard JTAG interface
   * Size: 0.75 inches (width) X 2.25 inches (length)
   * Package: Fits a standard 40-pin DIP socket (0.1 inch lead spacing)
   * Power Requirements: +5VDC @ 120 mA (typical) 

The Hammer comes preloaded with an open source bootloader, Linux 2.6 kernel, and a uClibc/Busybox based root file system. Board schematics, application notes, and source code are also included on the CD.