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== Other Important Stuff ==
== Other Important Stuff ==
Source for devmem utility - [[media:devmem2.c|devmem]]
Source for devmem utility - [[media:devmem2.c|devmem]]
== Whole Darned Thing ==
All files and patches as of June 16,2008.  This includes the Devmem2 into the romfs image - [[Media:Buildroot-WholeDarnedThing-2008-06-16.tar.gz]]
== Binary Reference Images ==
== Binary Reference Images ==

Revision as of 13:17, 14 August 2008

Source Code

APEX Boot Loader

Current APEX bootloader source

Current APEX bootloader config


Curent kernel patch against 2.6.22

The s3c2410_udc patch (required for Gadget support)

Current Kernel Config


Current supported Buildroot

Fix for mpfr buildroot config

Current buildroot config

Buildroot Configuration with C++ enabled

Tool Chain

No patches are needed. The tool chain is built using buildroot.


Current Supported Openocd source

Current libftd2xx files

Current Openocd config for Hammer

Current Openocd script for Hammer

Openocd Script to blink onboard LED

Other Important Stuff

Source for devmem utility - devmem

Binary Reference Images

APEX Boot Loader

Kernel 2.6.22 image

Root File System

devmen utility binary