Hammer Board Software System

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current kernel patch against 2.6.22 - Media:hammer-linux-2.6.22-09122007.diff.gz

current kernel config - Media:hammer-kernel-config

current APEX bootloader source - Media:apex-1.5.6-hammer.tar.gz

current APEX bootloader config - Media:apex-hammer-config

archived Buildroot Media:buildroot-01032008.tar.gz

current Buildroot Media:buildroot-01082008.tar.gz

binutils patch(included in 01082008 buildroot) Media:100-makeinfo-version.patch -> Put this in buildroot/toolchain/binutils/

current Openocd source - Media:openocd.tar.gz

current libftd2xx files - Media:libftd2xx0.4.13.tar.gz

fix for mpfr buildroot config - Media:mpfr.mk

s3c2410_udc patch - Media:s3c2410_udc.patch

reference bootloader, Kernel Image, and root file system