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You can add a USB Thumb Drive to your Hammer pretty easily. There are a few things you have to have in your kernel. Your Thumb Drive will be recognized as a SCSI device, probably /dev/sda1, if it is the only SCSI type device you have. When the usb-storage module loads, it will show which SCSI device you Thumb Drive is.

You must have:

  • USB Core
  • USB Storage
  • SCSI, including generic support.

configured in your kernel. One way to get the USB Thumb Drive recognized and mounted is:

Add the necessary commands to the inittab file:

  • cd buildroot/target/device/Samsung/Hammer/target_skeleton
  • edit the inittab.
  • Add these commands right below the jffs2 line:
 null::sysinit:/sbin/modprobe usb-storage
 null::sysinit:/bin/sleep 10

This will load the usb-storage module and wait for it to settle down.

Now you have to fix up the mount point where you want the Thumb Drive to appear. You can add a new mount point by editing the buildroot/target/device/Samsung/Hammer/device_table.txt file. If you want to mount your Thumb Drive at /opt (recommended for starters) then add the following line to device_table.txt:

/opt            d       755     0       0       -       -       -       -       -

Now it is time to add the Thumb Drive to your file system. When you build your rootfs, the /opt directory will be created for you with the permissions you set.

Now edit buildroot/target/device/Samsung/Hammer/target_skeleton/etc/fstab file to add your mount point as follows:

/dev/sda1       /opt            ext2    defaults                0       0

You can setup your Thumb drive for any mount point you want using this procedure. This allows the Thumb Drive to be automatically setup and mounted for use.