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20) save changes & make
20) save changes & make

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Place holder

7) the path to a successful apex reflash was a long and hard one.

8) started by needing to compile openocd from source.

9) also needed to rmmod fdti_sio since the normal ubuntu driver grabs the hardware on plugin.

9a) ubuntu also needs usbfs turned on: mount -t usbfs usbfs /proc/bus/usb (as root)

10) to recompile openocd, one must first run ./bootstrap

10a) then ./configure --enable-ft2232-ftd2xx

10b) then make

11) but before that you must extract fd2xx.h and WinTypes.h (from libftd2xx0.4.10.tar.gz) to the /openocd/src/jtag/ directory..

12) put the resulting openocd executable in a dir with hammer.cfg, hammer.ocd, apex.bin (the orig from the cd)

13) ./openocd -f hammer.cfg (as root if you are on ubuntu 6.06 LTS)

14) This will load apex into ram & run it. then you can flash the original apex.bin back.

15) it seems that openocd likes to be run as root. This may be ubuntu specific, or I may not know my a$$ from a hole in the ground.

16) rebuilding apex from source you need to make menuconfig (generates lots of wierd errors if there is no .config)

17) then select the Samsung S3C2410 platform

18) then the Tin Can Tools Hammer implementation

19) Change other stuff as req'd (ie Environment > Regions > 256k+1024k ==> kernel source 1280k+1024k ==> ramdisk image

20) save changes & make