Hammer How to use Jtag

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1) rmmod fdti_sio since the normal ubuntu driver grabs the hardware on plugin

2) ubuntu also needs usbfs turned on: mount -t usbfs usbfs /proc/bus/usb (as root)

3) extract the openocd tarball using the command: tar zxvf openocd.tar.gz

4) you must extract fd2xx.h and WinTypes.h (from libftd2xx0.4.13.tar.gz) to the openocd/src/jtag/ directory

5) to recompile openocd, one must first run the command: ./bootstrap

6) then configure the build using the command: ./configure --enable-ft2232-ftd2xx

7) start the build using the command: make

8) put the resulting openocd executable in a dir with hammer.cfg, hammer.ocd, apex.bin (the orig from the cd)

9) ./openocd -f hammer.cfg (as root if you are on ubuntu 6.06 LTS)

10) This will load apex into ram & run it. then you can flash the original apex.bin back.

note: it seems that openocd likes to be run as root.