Hammer RDP

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Hammer-RDP stands for Hammer Robotics Development Platform. This is a new carrier board for Hammer being developed by TinCanTools for the Robotics, Process Control, and general interfacing and hobbiest market.

Main Features:

* Small size - just 3" x 3", ideal for space constrained applications.
* Stackable add on boards can be created for custom applications such as process control, home automation, robotics, etc.
* Three pin headers for all GPIO connections, allowing easy interfacing to sensors, servos, and other devices using this pin arrangement.
* Jumperable dual voltage selection for all GPIO connections - 3.3V or 5V. Pins can be jumpered for either voltage in sets of four.
* Dual voltage (3.3V and 5V) I2C bus.
* 8 channel, 12 bit analog inputs via SPI
* Most Hammer signals, including I2C, are available on the stacking connector.

Possible add on boards you might create for the Hammer-RDP:

* Prototyping Board
* Single USB Host 4 port Hub with on board Flyswatter JTAG
* Sound Board with additional analog inputs and GPIOs

The only limitation is your imagination!