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Consumer Devices

  • Information about running Linux on devices that are or have been available to the general public. This includes both officially supported devices and project devices (or devices that unofficially run Linux).

Project Devices

Supported Devices

Development Boards and Tools

  • Information about development boards for embedded Linux








  • Sega
  • Hitachi ULSI Systems
    • MS7206SE01 (SH72060 Solution Engine)
    • MS7750SE01 (SH7750(sh4) Solution Engine)
    • MS7709SE01 (SH7709(sh3) Solution Engine)
  • SuperH, Inc.
    • MicroDev
  • HP Jornada
    • 525 (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 548 (SH7709A (sh3))
    • 620LX (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 660LX (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 680 (SH7709A (sh3))
    • 690 (SH7709A (sh3))
  • Renesas Technology Corp.
    • RTS7751R2D CE Linux Forum(CELF)Compliant Evaluation Board
  • Renesas Europe/MPC Data Limited
    • EDOSK7705 (SH7705 sh3)
    • EDOSK7760 (SH7760 sh4)
    • EDOSK7751R (SH7751R sh4)
    • SH7751R SystemH (SH7751R sh4)
  • CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd.
    • CQ RISC Evaluation Kit(CqREEK)/SH4-PCI with Linux
  • Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd. (KMC or KμC)
    • Solution Platform KZP-01 (KZP-01[Mainboard] + KZ-SH4RPCI-01[SH4 CPU Board])
  • [http://www.si-linux.com/index.html Silicon Linux Co,. Ltd.
    • CAT760 (SH7760)
    • CAT709 (SH7709S)
    • CAT68701 (SH7708R For A-one CATBUS[Designed for 68000 board] compliant)
  • Daisen Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • SH2000 (SH7709A 118MHz)
    • SH2002 (SH7709S 200MHz)
    • SH-500 (SH7709S 118MHz)
    • SH-1000 (SH7709S 133MHz)
    • SH-2004 (SH7750R 240MHz)
  • IO-DATA DEVICE, Inc.(Network Attached Storage [NAS Series)]
    • LAN-iCN (NAS Adapter for IODATA HDD with "i-connect" Interface)
    • LAN-iCN2 (NAS Adapter for IODATA HDD with "i-connect" Interface)
    • LANDISK (SH4-266MHz[FSB133MHz] RAM64MB UDMA133 USB x2 10/100Base-T)
    • HDL-xxxU (LANDISK Series NAS Standard Model)
    • HDL-xxxUR(LANDISK with RICOH IPSiO G series print monitor for Windows support)
    • HDL-WxxxU(LANDISK with wide body & twin drive support for Heavy storage or RAID1)
    • HDL-AV250(LANDISK with Home Network DLNA guideline support)
    • LANTank(LANDISK kit SuperTank(CHALLENGER) Series)
    • HDL-WxxxU based twin drive bulk NAS kit. LANTank have a special feature witch supported network media server(cf. iTunes etc..).
    • TMM1000 (SH7709)
    • TMM1100 (SH7727)
    • TMM1200 (SH7727)
  • Sophia Systems
    • Sophia SH7709A Evaluation Board
    • Sophia SH7750 Evaluation Board
    • Sophia SH7751 Evaluation Board
  • MovingEye Inc.
    • A3pci7003 (Using SH7750/ART-Linux [Linux with Realtime Extension])
  • AlphaProject Co., Ltd.
    • MS104-SH4 (SH7750R/PC104(Embedded ISA Bus) with apLinux)
  • Interface Corporation.
    • MPC-SH02 (SH7750S: ATX Motherboard Style)
    • PCI-SH02xx (SH7750S: PCI-CARD Style)
  • TAC Inc.
    • T-SH7706LAN another name "Mitsuiwa SH3 board" ["SH-MIN"] (SH7706A/128MHz Flash512KB SDRAM 8MB 10BASE-T)
  • SecureComputing/SnapGear (older products, check ebay etc, all can netboot and have a debug header)
    • SG530 (SH7751@166MHz RAM16MB FLASH4MB 2x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG550 (SH7751@166MHz RAM16MB FLASH8MB 2x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG570 (SH7751R@240MHz RAM16MB FLASH8MB 3x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG575 (SH7751R@240MHz RAM64MB FLASH16MB 3x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG630 (SH7751@166MHz PCI NIC card RAM16MB FLASH4MB 1x10/100 1xSerial-header)
    • SG635 (SH7751R@240MHz PCI NIC card RAM16MB FLASH16MB 1x10/100 1xSerial-header)

i386 and compatible


  • Portable cluster hardware and related technologies for parallel computer tutorials, demonstrations, research.

Here is a list of original projects.

Hardware Tools and Information