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UHAPI4Linux, an Open Source implementation of the Universal Home API

- By John Vugts (Philips) and Arjen Klomp (Logica CMG)


This session will cover the following topics:

- Universal Home API (UHAPI) overview (Media:UHAPI_Forum_Introduction_CELF_20050614.pdf) & status  (Media:Overview_UHAPI.pdf)
- Combination of UHAPI interfaces and Direct FB (Media:DirectFB_UHAPI.pdf)
- Explanation of UHAPI 4Linux design & implementation (Media:LogicaCMG-UHAPI4Linux20050614.pdf)
- Launch of  "UHAPI 4Linux" open source project : open source project that develops an open source implementation  of UHAPI interfaces on standard (multimedia) PC hardware [1] CVS archive:[2]