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* [[Qplus Target Builder|CELF Target builder wiki page (English)]]]
* [[Qplus Target Builder|CELF Target builder wiki page (English)]]]

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Technical Discussion: "Embedded Linux Packaging and Development Toolkit for Consumer Electronics"

- by Heung Nam Kim (ETRI)


Traditional embedded Linux development requires high experience and long learing time. Therefore, the usability is the main issue in the development of the embedded Linux Tools. This presentation cover introduce our Embedded Linux Development toolkit : Target builder, and ESTO : Embedded Software Toolkit. show inner working mechanism, demostrate through configure system, make root file system, deploy to target board and booting test using by target builder. also application development demo using by ESTO

  • [[[Media:ETRI-celf-yokohama.ppt]] Presentation slide file (Power point)]
  • [[[Media:ETRI-celf-yokohama.pdf]] Presentation slide file (Adobe PDF)]

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