Improve UBI user space tools

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Improve UBI userspace tools
Ezequiel García <>


Currently the UBI tools are a bit messy and not straight-forward to use. In addition, there are quite a few different -yet related- commands to accomplish different stages of an UBI/UBIFS preparation or flashing.

A possible way of dealing with such complexity would be revisiting these tools and introduce a new centralized tool (git-like), with sub-commands for the different tasks.

The benefit of this effort is obviously to simplify the (exceedingly) complicated task of dealing with UBI and UBI volumes setup, both off-box and in-box (presumably for developers testings).

For instance, the ubinize tool requires the setup of an 'ini' file specifying the volumes configuration, which is usually a bit annoying.

Related work

I'm not aware of any


A first working proposal of the centralized tool could be complete in 4 weeks. This work should be done as close to upstream as possible to come up with something useful to regular UBI users.

Contractor Candidates

None yet.