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== Presentation ==
== Presentation ==
* ''Not Posted Yet''
* [[File:Android-bootup-time-linuxcon-2010-08.pdf]]
== Outline ==
== Outline ==

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This page has notes and materials in support of Tim Bird's presentation "Improving Android Bootup Time", which he is giving at LinuxCon North America, 2010.


Android is a relatively new distribution of Linux, with a completely different user space implementation, compared to desktop or enterprise Linux. It also has some rather horrible boot times. But it's popular - so Tim decided to take a look and see if the bootup time of a standard Android system could be improved. This presentation describes how well he succeeded in this venture. Tim will present methods of measuring kernel and user-space bootup time on an Android system, as well as present some ideas for places where Android bootup time could be improved.



See Improving Android Boot Time Outline

Raw Results



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